Good books about corporate scandals
Sir Woke XR Re… 25 May 22 17:03
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I have massively enjoyed, recently, all of Bad BloodEmpire of Pain and Smartest Guys in the Room.

Any recommendations for similar?

Old news now, but 'Barbarians at the Gate'. 

'Manipulation on Trial' about the Hunt brothers in the silver market. 


Good recent one - and possibly the only interesting book ever to have been written about insurnace...


Dead in the Water

Matthew Campbell and Kit Chellel

ooh, sounds good

I have read BATG but not for years, will read that again some time 

anything good about Maxwell? I did read N Person’s book years ago 

Wework is not that interesting as a scandal.  It just seemed to revolve around the founder being a twot.

Barbarians at the Gate isn’t really about a scandal (despite the dramatic title). It’s more about the emergence of private equity and the invention of junk bonds on the RJR Nabisco takeover and corporate America going holy living f.uck these guys can really take out large cap corporates (albeit piling them up with what were previously considered insane levels of debt).

You should have pivoted to corporate crime. You seem to like criminal stuff. Naughty people doing naughty things. You're slightly perverted. Why not, why stick to what you were doing? Re-tool. Dude.

You might also enjoy Extraordinary Delusions and the Madness of crowds (altho i understand a lot of that is actually apocryphal bollox, still a good read)

Wolf of Wall Street

Bloke sets up brokerage firm. Rips off working class folk. Takes ‘ludes. Margot Robbie goes full frontal. His business ptr eats a goldfish.

"Fooling some of the people all of the time" by David Einhorn. A bit full of himself, but an interesting read.


+1 for each of Shredded and Flash Boys.

Not sure i would describe Barbarians at the Gate as being about corporate scandal, but a great book nonetheless.

Thought they were smart.  Ivy league.  MBAs from Wharton.  Get them to change the valves on a norton manx?  No chance.  Ask them to strike up a blues riff on a Les Paul?  You are joking.

Liar's Poker is the obvious (but still true) answer

Not a scandal as such - more a clash of cultures thing - there's a good book about the Essex born chap who became CEO of Olympus (or possibly Sony?) that's worth a read.  Woodford I think he names as/is