Golden Syrup Recipes

I have tonnes of this... and it NEVER goes off, so I've melted it all again and put it in two big mason jars...

Other than flapjacks (I don't eat puddings) what is it good in?

I probably have about 3 litres of the stuff...


I was sort of hoping for "I use it in".... rather than generic recipes.  More personal recommendations...

I use it for cornflake & chocolate cakes and broken biscuit cakes - do they count as desserts?

how did you end up with loads?? do pigs eat it or sthg?

Me;t some sugar into it, get it up to caramel temperature, bung a spoon of bicarb of soda in, stir it and then pour out into a baking paper lined tray to set

Pigs might eat molasses (rather than golden syrup) if mixed up with feed pellets, as it contains simple sugars (sucrose, glucose and fructose).  But only after the pigs are weaned (sucrose is fatal to piglets in the first few days and the sugar mix can give them the trots - pun fully intended).  But golden syrup is full of complex sugars and not good for the piggies. 

Refined sugar is more or less a poison to mammals.  So if I were you I would feed it to some bees to get rid of it.  They will happily turn it into honey, which is much better for humans, at least in small doses.  

Clergs - I think it's a back of the cupboard item... so I always assume I haven't got any and buy more for a recipe... and it never goes off. so I've ended up with 5 opened jars and an unopened one... bad kitchen management...

Dilute it with water. Add yeast and other flavourings to taste.Ferment. 


No idea. Some odd flavoured alcohol would be my guess. Might be mead-ish. It would use up a few litres of syrup in one go though. 

Also a base for light rum type spirit for  mixing with autumn berries perhaps.