Funniest sounding word/phrase in English

You know how ‘Cellar Door’ is cited by people like Tolkien and C.S. Lewis as the most beautiful phrase in English?

What is the funniest?

I quite like ‘spelunk’, ‘spicule’, and ‘spachelor’

There is a small, split, stone plinth at the bottom of the staircase behind the cellar door.  Its state tells of noble hardship and the blisters of winter blight. It was cracked by a hoar frost on an icy December night where the clear moon’s gleam could not warm the iron earth. 

Spunk - as noun or verb - is one of the best words in the English language 


'Spunk' is funnier than 'Jism'. Plosives are inherently funny which is why 'PerfidiousPorpoise' is a funny screen name and 'Bulbous' is a funny word.

Iambs are also funnier than Trochees which is why 'Spelunk' is funnier than 'Spachelor'.


Funky spunk

Hoisted with/by their own petard

squirrel when pronounced/butchered by foreigners

Tricky those are all excellent examples. Fine work.

Squirrel with the caveat of 'by foreigners' is a good spot - it's certainly in the long grass. Petard is also a great one.

Sails, I would posit that 'Flange' is actually funnier than the more juvenile 'Clunge' based on the fact that it's meaning is not inherently rude but it does actually sound quite rude when spoken.

Or frankly any word beginning with B spoken by Rowan Atkinson.

Agreed. Accentuated Bs are a rich seam of comedy gold.

Tussock and sootikin are both good and I would add to that ‘gusset’

Sediment is very nice. An outlier. It's banality is helpful.

Lots of these also would seem to break my 'iambs are funnier than trochees' maxim. Which suggests the theory needs more work.

Good work Guy.

Oh, and Shut up Guy

Shibboleth is very good as it is aurally comical and could also be used Will Selfishly in a burn like saying someone’s opinion is ’nothing more than a moderately convincing shibboleth’.

I think too many of these are jizz related.

I'd prefer more sensible answers.

I like 'spooge' but I prefer the French J of 'sponge'.

Trochees deployed to humorous effect...

We're going to have to keep an eye on you. A provocateur