Friday night roll call

Evening all 

Vaguely here, on and off.  Playing fallout and trying to work out how to level up without going into Boston yet.

Never played fallout. Think the last time I played any sort of console game was about 10 years ago 

Fallout 4 is without doubt the greatest game ever made.  I have thousands of hours in it, I try other games but they are all so meh in comparison.

Want to be good? No worries, loads of paths.

Want to be evil? Same.

Want to be good, build up settlements for people who survived the nuclear war? Easy!

Want to then turn evil and either kill them all or enslave them with your raider gang? No problem.

And about a million other variations thereof.  It’s just so huge, it’s impossible to describe the endless scope of this game.  

Right now I’m doing a challenge where I cannot raise my intelligence score at all - it’s stuck on 1/10 so I have to do everything in the most basic way possible with absolutely no science applications beyond very simple copper wire schoolboy electrics stuff. I can just about put light bulbs in my settlements lol.

looking in as the baseball has been rained off

hello khunts