friday afternoon tax question!

can you think of a place where there is a local income tax on dividend income?? thank you for any thoughts

I think maybe South Korea but my KOrean is poor



or have I misunderstood the question



here we all pay UK income tax whether in Scotland or Wales or London town

are there examples of countries where

never mind the answer is going to be spain pretty sure

Dividend income is subject to income tax in the UK if in excess of the dividend allowance (£2k?).

Did you mean something complicated with the "local" bit?



I am asking for examples of sub-central devolution of the tax power


I mean do I look like someone who doesn't know dividends are taxed???

"Alaska, Florida  Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming do not impose an income tax. Tennessee and New Hampshire fall into a gray area. They don't levy an income tax on earned income, but they do tax interest and dividends."

That was a very poorly formulated question. I have to say I am a bit disappointed in you, Clergs.

Sorry, pp. While Ur here tho. What are your thoughts on the efficacy of sub central taxation of savings and dividends? Like, is it just needless wtfery? Or do folk appreciate the variety? Is it for any more sophisticated reason than #STATES'RIGHTS?

I have no strong views. I am not that interested in policy. I do find some of the state and local tax planning quite interesting--e.g., where you have a consolidated return group for federal purposes but the relevant state does not recognize consolidated groups and has add-back with respect to related party debt, etc.