Food price are still too low

says dairy farmer

He feels despite recent rises in food prices, food has been – and continues to be - “too cheap”.

“The percentage people are paying for food now, compared to their salary, is a lot less than it used to be,” he adds, “it used to be a greater proportion of your weekly income than it is currently.”

interesting that his fix is for consumers to pay more, not for supermarkets to charge less or for dairy prices to be regulated as they were under the Milk Marketing Board (which was effectively a buyer of last resort for farmers).



My mum - gor bless er - used to work for a provincial firm of accountants.

She said that after typing the accounts of farmers the length and breadth of the county she would never again find it easy to believe a farmer crying about how poor he is.

Mind you, that was 30 - 40 years ago.

@ farmer in the OP - So what bearing does this have on the current reality?  You could argue that property prices in the SE were a heck of a lot lower "back in those days" too...