Feebs Frequents Fat Fighters

tonight is my first meeting, apparently they do not share your weight with everyone in the hall but we shall see.

just water and dry cream crackers for me for the next three months

5:2 would just make me obsess about food constantly

the one where you fast for a bit by having an extra long lie in sounded good tho

be hungry for five days and then starving for two? Not for me


Just going to watch what I eat and exercise more but be accountable for it weekly

Fair enough, but it makes weight fall off every time I do it.

I have informed Mummy Caulfield I am going, she is very pleased for me and hopes


"I have finally found something that will help me lose this weight as it has been a while now"

Phoebe most certainly isn't a fatty. Surely no need to go to fat fighters 

what the fuck is this, you don't have extra weight

in fact

I don't think there are any roffettes who are even maringally outside the "phowar! she's a healthy girl!" bracket

Will your norks get smaller if you lose weight? 

That would be a red line for me. 

Norks will get a bit smaller which will be a positive as I am regularly rocking the four boob look at the moment.

doing this will give men one less reason to not want to snog me

Would it assist your programme if one or more roffers were to inspect a number of tastefully shot ‘before’ pictures in order to be able to comment in a meaningful way on subsequent rounds of similarly tasteful photographs charting your progress?

It would be the least that one could do to help a fellow board user.

Struts I've just had the before photos for my new fitness regime and can send you those if you like.  Hoping that my norks will also get smaller and firmer.

I resent the suggestion that I may be involved in a photo that is not entirely tasteful.

And which was absolutely justified in the overall artistic context of the shoot.


are we talking about Sail's front norks or his back norks?

I accept that either will have been tastefully done

with a helpful dollop of vaseline coating the camera lens

All weighed in, nobody took a photo of me 


plan is to lose 12lbs in 12 weeks

I did my learning in the 90s so don't know what a lb is

I have a vague idea what kgs are and stones are on the scales

For god’s sake try to put it in some sort of context he would understand.

Sumo, a pound weighs about the same as 9 deep fried mars bars.

you are right Strutts;


Sumo, imagine the weight of me in your sack reduced by  10%

*insert joke here about sacks being considerably lighter by the time feebs is done*

10% (or 9 mars - assume west coast fry style) seems like a lot

can you not just shave your head to get the same effect? 

Weigh in is tonight, am very nervous


shaving my head to register a drop in lbs seem very sensible right now

I have lost 3.5lbs and didn’t need to shave my head.


one of the members is discussing her constipation issues

Best way to lose weight is to sleep enough.  Sleep deprivation makes you hungry.  

After that, a 40 minute walk every day and 2.5 minutes of breathes exercise (star jumps for me).  

Obvs cut out the sweets, biscuits, cakes, butter and cream.  

There is no need to diet and it doesn't actually help as the weight comes back as soon as you stop.  

True weight loss takes years, but is permanent and painless while you do it.  

I’m just in a world of pain from the PT sessions.

point of order on the maths above, it's gone a bit Dawnhandbags. One pound is not 2.2kg; one kg is 2.2lbs

How was your 3.5lbs in a week achieved? that's pretty astonishing.

It's pretty normal to have a big loss the first week.  There's a scientific explanation around glycogen stores or something.

It was also that I wasn't eating crap all day everyday, I was being thoughtful about what I ate. So I didn't end each evening with a bag of mini eggs

I was running again

I started eating fruit


The main problem I am having is I am trying to cut down on the amount of coke and sweets I have. This is making me so tired, I have mostly got past the headaches now

Try iron tablets (ferrous fumerate) for energy levels.

I'm down 3.5lb too.  Started on Boxing Day - I was ill, so it gave me a head start.  Only another 16.5lb to go.  All I have done so far is not drink alcohol and exercise more.  Imagine what would actually happen if I stopped shoving crap food in my gob?!

Only lost 1.5lb this week :(


not too too happy with that but 5lb in two weeks isn’t too bad

That's a decent loss ratio Phoebs- healthy and permanent rather than all these "I lost twevelty pounds in three days" tablets bollocks where all their doing is dehydrating themselves a bit.

Well done mate, nothing at all to be ashamed of.

I’ve lost a couple of pounds but fallen off the wagon tonight with beer and take away...

Some of the conversions in this thread don't look right, think its:

1lb = 16oz = 0.45kg

Getting off the tube/train one or two stops early and walking is a good idea, not so good when its freezing cold though