Edinburgh .. Fly or train?

Flights about £250 rtn  1Hr 30 min flight from City, have to be there an hour /1.5 hrs before hand takes 1 hrs to get to CIty on public transport and it is another hour the other end to get to where I get to from the airport- about 6 hrs travelling if I am lucky

Now If I get the train , its 150 rtn, take 30 mins to get to the station , 4.5 hrs on the train into central  Edinburgh and 20 mins to get to my destination about 5/6 hrs if I am lucky

I might as well go by train and use the extra cash to have a slap up Haggis Supper



If you're not checking in luggage, I would think that you can rock up to City airport for an intra-UK flight no more than 45 minutes ahead of departure.

But the train is much more pleasant.

I have to check in luggage, because of my medical needs

I think Train would be better and you can look at the view out of the windows

Thank you, I will await the email from Trainline, for when they release the cheap tickets


Make sure you're on the right side of the train though.

What is the right side of the train?  I should be sat ion the right side not the left side, facing forward, I can't sit with my back to the engine, I come over all queer

Right side on the way up (if one is facing forward) for best view of coastal section of journey

What everyone else said.  Train every time, and the views on the right are wonderful.

Ffs fly, Jesus.  Took me a day to get to Glasgow once.  Scotland isn’t worth the hassle.  I flew back, gave thé return portion of my first class ticket back to London to a fucking homeless Person.  Fly, do not be a peasant.