I suffer badly from earworms. Often I can explain why or guess why they’ve turned up (Green Day Basketcase is a regular after roffing, for example). However, almost every day I wake up with an earworm of a song I haven’t heard for years and, fairly regularly, don’t really like. I haven’t heard it or thought about it for decades yet there it is, playing over and over in my head.

This morning it was I saw the sign by Ace of Base. Yesterday, Chris de Burgh with Moonlight and Vodka.

Is there any hope for me or should I book a plane ticket to Switzerland (when COVID regs allow)?

Seriously, where do these bloody awful tunes come from and why do they pop up randomly in my head and refuse to leave.

Lol. So glad it’s not just me. Haven’t had Shaddap Yer Face yet. If I do, I know who to blame.

Quite enjoyed Hammertime today. Much better than the previous two days.

Don’t know Captain Planet and don’t want to google it in case my brain gets ideas!

In my late teens it was the theme tune for “TV’s The A-Team” and it neatly drove me mad (literally). 
I still get earworms but not so bad - Dangermouse and Bob the Builder theme tunes alternating at the moment. 

Watched a video of Middle of the Road performing Oh soley soley on YouTube last night.

A song I viscerally hated at the time as epitomising the corruption of pop music vs the mighty behemoths of heavy metal and prog, my preferred listening.

(Then heavy metal started eating itself and Rick Wakeman started eating pies and pop music came back with a vengeance with the likes of Sex Pistols, Clash, Jam, Selecter, Beat and particularly The teardrop explodes!)

But now the first few lines of of Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep is today's earworm. (Also by Middle of the Road, if you didn't know.)

Very short and odd this morning. I have the jingle for Breakaways firmly stuck in there and my brain is constantly repeating “don’t take away my breakaway” on a highly irritating loop.

I was thinking about jingles the other day.

Should we have another thread? 

"Pascall Murray Supermints..."

"For mash get Smash!"

and then there's:

POW! "Lip smacking thirst quenching ace tastin' motivatin' good buzzin', cool talkin' high walkin' fast talkin' ever givin' cool fizzin..."

Birdhouse in your soul this morning. Whilst this is a great song, the earworm is particularly annoying as just as you get to “make a little birdhouse in your…” and hope it might finish it comes in with “not to put to fine a point on it…”


and again

and again.

I hope earworms aren’t a reflection of your subconscious. Whilst I am not a Dux-style Royalist, I have respect for the institution and, until someone comes up with a much better system, am in favour of the monarchy.

So why did I wake up to Celtic’s chorus of “You can stick the coronation up your arse” this morning?

This morning, prompted by my first earworm, I listened to this year’s UK entry for the first time and only once. Now, 7 hours later, it’s still stuck in there on endless repeat of the chorus.

Does this mean we’ve got a chance as it’s obviously quite catchy?


It’s certainly better than this morning’s offering which was on a permanent two-line loop for hours.

”She’s flirty, turned 30,

That’s the age a girl gets dirty.”

Is my brain a pervert?

You lucky bastard 

I get Stephen Fry saying, “So then i stooped down to pick a buttercup. Why people keep leaving buttocks all over the place i just don’t know.”


It's got me too now. These 4 lines are going round and round:

"You will never understand
How it feels to live your life
With no meaning or control
And with nowhere left to go"

So much righteous anger. Against my own social and economic class, but still, great tune.