Does the UK Gov know something they are not sharing?


Seems very odd to be going it alone like this

,BBC security correspondent Gordon Corera says it is believed the decision to involve Huawei was taken by ministers at a meeting of the government's national security council on Tuesday, chaired by Prime Minister Theresa May.

The home, defence and foreign secretaries were reported to have raised concerns during the discussions.'

But TMPM went ahead anyway it seems, She listens to no one abouy anything is looks like

She needs trade deals desperately, I’m unsurprised that she would compromise the security of the nation in exchange for a few good headlines.

Presumably they know a lot more than we do.  

Personally, I would simply ban Huawei as their equipment is an obvious risk.   

I meant to type and after all this they are still using them

Broadband in the uk is riddled with Huawei stuff, so bit of a horse/stable situation really. 

It's either blatant corruption or incompetence. Who knows?