The continuing outrage from the media over the banning of John Acosta from the White House

It's a perfect triumph for Trump. In the rush defend the freedom of the press and protect one of their they've forgotten all about the move to sideline Mueller and the losses suffered by Trump this week.   

I wonder what else he got done in the last twenty four hours?

He couldn't have orchestrated a strategic news blackout more effectively by D Notice. 

Yep. V good piece by the Maitlis about this very point.

It's not orchestrated though, he's not that clever.  I'm sure he just reels from one madcap episode to the next and the media just isn't used to it so it turns out, fortunately for him, to be an advantage.

He wants you to think he isn't clever enough to be playing you. It's a double bluff.

Look, he’s a bullshitting property tycoon bankrolled by crooks, he’s spent his whole life rolling from one deal to the next hoping no one will catch up with him. And he’s still managing to do that in office, all the crap he feeds the media is part of that, he’s truly great at diversion and deflection, that’s why only really stupid people vote for him. 

one should never assume malevolence when incompetence is more likely

one should never assume a billionaire, or a president, is matter how much it looks like it

Trump is no fool

Heh. Millions fell for failed President Obama's sweet oratory and still praise him like some kind of fucking prophet. 

You fell for the muh change and yes we can smoke 'n mirrors bullshit simply because he is black and spoke well. It's not surprising that most lawyers still have his dick in their mouths after 10 years because, he reminds them of themselves - a sweet talking yes man with no balls. Scratch the surface and what do you find...massive underachievement.

They don't like Trump because he's showing them up for how utterly shit they are and have been. It's that simple.

Six more years of libtears. Get on bord or gtfo, pussies. #MAGA

Come back when the US economy is fvcked and nobody wants its shit exported culture anymore.

On immigration, Trump is simply applying the same policies as Obama with a fistful more rhetoric.....lets not forget that Obama deported more people than all previous presidents combined.

Its Trumps message people dislike, not his actions. They regard him as an uncouth arriviste. A wideboy property developer that doesn't have a "proper" education. America might be sh*t in a few years, it might be fine. I suspect history will judge him more fairly than people currently do

I have no idea who John Acosta is but Trump has been applying this tactic successfully for years - just send an inflammatory tweet, wait for his opponents to go into outrage mode and then do whatever he actually wanted to do after successfully distracting them.