Climate change protestors at Heathrow

If you wanted to book a return flight in early July, would you book one to/from Heathrow and take the risk that the airport will be shut down by protestors, or spend a bit more to fly to a smaller regional airport which will almost certainly be functioning? (The fare difference is about £100 for two people.)

The train is way more expensive than either option and I'm going to assume the ferry wasn't a serious suggestion.

Ferry's not a bad shout. Depends where you're going obvs. If New Zealand, might take a while...

Thanks for your input, Wibble, but it's not an answer to the question I actually asked.

It would help greatly if you bothered to tell us your destination.

Dux, as she would be flying into Heathrow I am going to assume her destination is around there

If your question is - would you have to be an utter hmong to book a flight from an airport that is quite likely to be shut by a protest when for a smallish amount of cash you could fly from somewhere else?

 then Yeah. 


There is no chance they’ll be allowed to really halt flights from Heathrow during the summer for more than a few hours. Police will have a response plan in place 

Yeah that worked really at Gatwick when people used drones didn't it.... 


Gatwick isn’t a priority though. Heathrow caters for actual people not tracksuited chavs off to Benidorm on a Thompson’s holiday

Plus if you don’t think they’ve learned from the Gatwick situation you’re naive 

They have learned that they are really very shit at dealing with drones yes. 


Why don’t you change your plans and take a holiday that does not involve flying ?  

every time I catch sight of greta thunberg's face I have to book an additional flight