Clients and KYC

Yes I know we've worked for you before but it's not that hard to send me your up to date identity documents and I really don't fancy prison.

fvcking lawyers demanding kyc from people you know / have acted for for 30 years. 


FCKS sake.


i think it needs renaming "regulatory compliance checks" KYC implies it's about knowing who you are.  the regulators need to own the pain having inflicted it on everybody


It is such a massive pain in the t1ts.  One of the worst bits of the job (and there is quite a bit of competition for that title).

SummerSails 26 May 23 13:44

Yes I know we've worked for you before but it's not that hard to send me your up to date identity documents


yeah, cause nobody bad can get a fake copy notarised passport

and yeah, nobody pays things by direct debit and doesn't get paperbills and might not have them in their name and it's not like banks and lawyers chop and change their mind on what is a proof of address (although to be fair a council tax bill generator probably exists online and its not like anyone checks with the council if it's real)

absolute joke system that achieves nothing

i have never understood how knowing somebody’s name is the same as their picture and that they live in a property in the uk is a measurable check on whether they’re committing fraud/money laundering/some other offence

This is a regular cause of joy for me. A lot of my clients are involved in agriculture and never seem to have photo ID as a result of: 

i) Having never left the country; 

ii) Learnt to drive in about 1967 and so never needed to get a photocard licence; 

iii) All bills are in the name of the farming partnership which is usually named after someone's long dead great grandfather. 

I'm always delighted when they have a shotgun licence as it is at least something with a photo on. 

I agree the whole thing is a load of nonsense though. 

Worst is "sorry, you can't use that passport, it's expired".  Or "sorry but the copy must have been certified* in the last 3 months".

FFS you're not checking whether I'm allowed to travel on it. I'm using it for your box ticking.  I haven't ceased to be me because an arbitrary date passed a few weeks ago 


*and certified? So just because some random person has put a stamp and a scribble on it, it's all good?  As long as the stamp and scribble were not more than a few months ago, because obviously there were fraudster running rampant in 2022.

Chill that's a common misunderstanding but it's not just that.  It's also about being able to provide the police when they come knocking with evidence of the aliases used, etc.