Children excluded for homophobia

"Kaysey  noted that Papas' daughter, School Manager and Deputy Safeguarding Officer Attie Copeman-Papas, is a lesbian, and that Assistant Headteacher Robert Askey is gay."

Attie Papas is a graduate student of Sports Sociology and Feminist Theory. Her papers include "A Feminist Psychoanalytic Approach to the Roles of the Penis, the Phallus and Hegemonic Gender Norms in 'Feminist Porn.'"

What a fucking nutjob website.

It lists the clearly homophobic comments (denied) but then says they are "allegedly "homophobic" comments".  No, they are homophobic - they are just denied.

I'm sure if Big JC came back right now, he'd be right on a website called CHURCH MILITANT

What is wrong with people?

Do you think Bernstein touches himself when he reads from the Church Militant?