Chavvy behaviour

A list of relatively normal (and often fairly expensive) things which you turn your nose up at as being chavvy:

1. All inclusive holidays 

2. Holidaying in Dubai

3. Louis Vuitton 

Most chain restaurants

Having loads of kids

Those trainers rappers wear

In fact, any expensive trainers

And see those women who pose doing like a sliding into the camera check out my STREET SHOOZ Instagram shots? Fuck off back to the reception desk, tiffany, the phones are ringing 

What Clergs said about chain restaurants. Ever been to Bella Italia? Christ.

Shouting in public.

If I could afford it, I'd wear Gucci trainers tbf. Cool as.

German cars 

Rolex watches

Hanging around in Knightsbridge



Being concerned about whether something will be perceived as chavvy or not....

I once had to go to Bella Italia on a work trip to Manchester (where a colleague revealed himself to be an anti Semitic lunatic) and that was the exact scenario I was picturing.

I saw he got promoted recently. Should probably have reported him.

Wearing active wear when not doing sports 


E.g. hanging around Costa coffee in sweaty betty leggings and shinpads turning up at the pub still wearing their sweaty replica kit after a game of 5 a side.

Wearing football shirts when not going to the match.

Skinny tracksuit bottoms as clearly you aren't going to play sport as you won't be able to get them off over your trainers.

I don't see why people look down on all inclusive holidays.  Let's face it a week in a catered chalet in Verbier is to some extent an all inclusive holiday.

Dux, get yourself down Woolwich market they have loads of really cheap Gucci trainers.

1. Dubai

2. Boob jobs

3. matching luggage

4. supercars

Punching down at 16 yr olds with Asperger's is not expensive

Skinny tracksuit bottoms as clearly you aren't going to play sport as you won't be able to get them off over your trainers.

Erm, maybe they take their trainers off before their trousers? You know, like normal people.

Phoebe, did they fall off the back of a lorry?

Of course not. Woolwich market is an authorised Gucci retailer. 

Heh, Stix a couple of years ago this guy stated coming to my gym who would put his broguies on before his suit trousers when getting dressed. 

It was very funny and the only reason I didn't post a Down the Gym thread about it on here was because it leave Strutter empty 

1) Men wearing gold chains hanging out over their jumper/shirt

2) People who do a weeks food/house shop at the small Tescos Express or Sainsburys local

3) Too many gold rings

4) Super skinny jeans 

You can buy Cucci handbags outside the metro in Rome.

Stix the whole point is that when you're outside on a wet muddy pitch you don't want to be taking our shoes off and getting your socks wet and muddy so tracksuits have those zips at the bottom so you can get them off over your shoes.

^^^All of those things sound completely fine to me 

What doing a whole weeks food/house shop in Tesco Express is ok?

 Drives me mad, 4 fully loaded baskets holding the queue up, grrr!

Really don't understand the fascination with Dubai. I'm not really into shopping or beaches but I'm pretty sure there are better places to go for both that don't have stone age views. I've been around the ME a bit for work (including some of the less pleasant parts) and there are several I would rather be in than Dubai.

Nothing wrong with matching luggage. I have a nice entirely black set.

1. Cosmetic 'enhancement' surgery (boobs, fillers, etc.)

2. Eating in KFC

3. Talking with your mouth full

4. Chewing food off your fork instead of cutting it

5. Saying "chor-it-so"

6. Holidaying in Lanzarote, Benidorm, Marbella, Kavos, Ayia Napa etc.

7. Drinking Stella

8. Watching football in a pub

9. Watching football in a stadium

10.  Watching football anywhere else

11. Talking about football

12.  Wearing football team strips

13.  Tracksuit bottoms with poppers up the sides

14.  Pot Noodle

15.  Findus Crispy Pancakes


There are many more examples.

It might inconvenience you but that hardly makes it chavvy"

the trouble with dubai is that obviously it's completely dreadful but every now and then you stumble across an otherwise cool person who loves it


"5. Saying "chor-it-so"

Everyone does this, unless they're Spanish or a pretentious kn0b.

I would call it chor-it-zo if speaking in English

or maybe chorEYEzo for lols

people who call it chhhhorrreeetzo can fuck off

"8. Watching football in a pub

9. Watching football in a stadium

10.  Watching football anywhere else

11. Talking about football"


Everyone does this too, unless they're a Celt or Strutter.

I've only ever been to Dubai airport. I think I could like it's superficial charm but for the regime 


I love Las Vegas for example 

why do celts get exceptions?

not that I am complaining I luv special treatment

No, Ducks.  You only call it choritso if you're Jo Frost, Supernanny, or educationally subnormal.  And football is Cro-Magnon. 


I'll just go and fuck myself, shall I?

I really don't understand the fascination with football and the cult around it, I hope it will fade one day and allow more room for other sports to be covered

the salaries of footballers …. their personalities, their wives …. how on earth can ou look up to them?

It is, Tecco.  But grammatical rules dictate that one must use an apostrophe between "Frost" and "Supernanny".

Fake tan  






wearing baseball cap reversed.  Not really chavvy as such, but just ridiculous.  Unlike a beret or trilby


There is nothing wrong with football, although obvs it is played with an egg-shaped ball.  

Oh, Burberry baseball caps.  Obviously.

Flesh tunnels.

Croydon facelifts.

Short hair with patterns shaved into them.

Jo Frost, First of her name, supernanny of the andals.  I like it.

people who go to the ballet and clap after the end of every piece instead of waiting till the end.

Michael Kors. There are people on rof who probably love it but I can't help but feel it is a little chavy.

As a Dubai roffer, I can confirm that there are two types out here, expats and shitpats

I make no comment as to which camp I fall into obvs

people who go to the races simply to get drunk rather than for the racing.

I love my massive tellies, pot noodles, footy and frankly quite a lot of stuff written on these lists.  I think you’re mostly just a bunch of wannabe tryhards who care too much about what other people thing of you.

Tie pins.

Kappa jackets.

Talking on a mobile phone in the quiet carriage.

Spitting in the street.

Punctuating one's sentences with expletives.  Especially around young children.

Shopping in Iceland (with the exception of procuring Cheeselets and Triglets for Christmas, as that's - bizarrely - the only place you can really find them).

tattoos and piercings are chavvy

I did not have a telly for almost ten years, now I have a fat one, Samsung curved

Bit racist, and not good for your carbon footprint to go all the way to Iceland.

those matching all in one trackie bottoms and matching tops from Armani exchange or similar.


Massiveeeee hoop earrings.

90s shout for Vauxhall Novas

Bonus point for 6 x 9s, subs, alloys and sports exhausts

Foxbat, I do think modding your car is both expensive and chavvy.

"people who go to the races simply to get drunk rather than for the racing"

That'll be about 25% of the Royal Enclosure then.


Cycling on the pavement whilst smoking a cigarette and walking a staffy.

OK perhaps that's not that normal.

I think the only thing I turn my nose up at is at seeing blokes shirtless in the street

otherwise, whatever

I don't get the concept of guilty pleasures either

Nothing wrong with an all inclusive holiday  if done right

I'm not sure children should be having any partners, let alone multiple ones.


small dogs

chanel chain handbags

Audi/bmw/merc/Porsche SUVs


skiing in Switzerland over xmas

debutante balls

signet rings

loafers for men

blazers with gold badges

anything LK Bennett but mostly their shoes


If that was supposed to be a dig at me ray I don't have children with multiple partners. 

I don't think any women on rof do. Several men do tho 

What I love about these threads is how I am able immediately to identify roftwats 

Tricky, signet rings are ace,as are penny loafers, especially when worn in a work suit.

Depends where in Florida. St Augustine is pretty nice. Also some charming beach towns away from the tourist areas.

Feebs is that all Disney or just core Disney? All Disney now includes Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar.

How can a signet ring be 'ace' it doesnt do anything

Talking in the quiet carriage

Facial fillers of every kind

What they said about Dubai, but extended to living/working there

Finding Mrs Brown's Boys or Citizen Khan funny.

Finding the Al Murray Pub Landlord character funny.

Watching soap operas.

Referring to dinner as "tea".

Referring to dessert as "afters".

Feeding pets from the table.

Putting your baby's dummy in your mouth.

Letting your child have a dummy beyond the age of 18 months.


Nowt wrong with feeding pets from the table although my parents now allow the cat to lick their plates once they've finished.  My dad also arranges plates on the door of the dishwasher so the dog can easily lick them.

Jesus.   That's one of the worst things you can do.