chavtastic yet enjoyable things

marks and Spencer cake in a jar - guilty yum


Yeah all the chavs are necking M&S desserts down the bus stop 🤣🤣

Most things that people here might describe as “chavtastic” (ugh) are actually good.

Update: I couldn’t finish it. Felt too sick, full with sugar. 

Maybe offer what's left to one of the other chavs at the bus stop?

Could minkie clarify whether she means hula hoops the potato based snack or hoola hoops as in the primary school PE humiliation inflicter

Strongbow on a train at 10am on the way to the football

Oof the snack ofc, and, specifically chavtastic, cheese and onion

And again today 'chav'. Give it a rest you class obsessed people. Who cares.

Good point Chambo. This whole thread and everyone on it is racist.

Not racist so much as 15 years out of date 


Looking forward to the #girlpower thread next.


So stale 

hot tubs are fooking brilliant, I absolutely want one in my garden 

Chavtastic now appears to be a word middle class professionals give to foodstuffs they feel slightly guilty about enjoying.


I refuse to use “chavtastic” as a descriptor and, in any event, am not sure it would capture exactly the right kind of petty english class-based sneer in this case, but:

the paintings of Jack Vettriano. They’re good. Not as good as those of his hero Edward Hopper, but good. I’d have one on my wall just to wind up class-anxious wankers.

Check out this absolute bogshite:

I note how much more successful Vettriano’s career as an artist was than Josh Spero’s as a writer (he’s a section editor at the FT these days).

I just learned that the artist’s real surname is not actually Vettriano, despite an italian surname being quite plausible for a man from western Scotland due to the famously dense Italian diaspora in those parts.

Sorry, this particular bit of absolute bogshite:

Much like Big Macs and Nuts magazine, I don't mind Jack Vettriano's work existing - I just wish it carried a health warning.“

Sorry m8, bad start - already chundered.

I like Big Macs. I never bought Nuts magazine but I wouldn’t mind betting that one lonesome, jizz-encrusted back issue constitutes a greater contribution to journalism than the entire life’s work of Josh Spero.

They’re awful. Shockingly bad. But I read an interview with the actress Orla Brady where she said she’d been a model for an anatomy book he’d done, which made him mildly more interesting. Obviously not in the same sphere as Hopper.

Nuts was, back in the day, the vehicle of choice for several pages of Jennifer Ellison in her undies, IIRC. 

Sorry cooko, like, hm, everything else, art’s obviously a subject you know nowt about.

I would have sex with Jennifer Ellison in almost any imaginable manner with which she was comfortable.

John Lewis interiors.

Like. Ew. But enjoyable to rip it all out and replace it with proper wallpaper that matches the upholstery.

there is absolutely no respect in which John Lewis interiors are working class


Nuts and Zoo were good easy reading hungover on a train back from some kind of bantz filled weekend.

As for chavtastic stuff that's enjoyable Subway and Dominos.

Ginormous TVs half the size of your wall with Sky Q 4k

I didn’t realise anyone actually read nuts and zoo, thought they were basically for people too embarrassed to buy porn mags. Which is why they died a death when the internet became widespread;

My flatmate's girlfriend used to buy Nuts for us on the basis my flatmate and I thought it was too chavy for us to openly buy ourselves.

maxed-out sky sports subscription definitely belongs on this list

the first and only time I bought a house - 2007 - I phoned Sky and booked them three months in advance to make sure they could be there the day I moved in. I wanted to sit in my new house watching the premier league in glorious widescreen the day I moved in. And I did.

Post pub fornication in an alley with someone you have only just met.

In what was is that Chavvy?  Rejected from this thread.

nothing wrong with a good alleyway fook

Sausage and egg butty made with cheap white bread and richmond sausages