Is Brighton good?

To visit I mean

pebble beach. I like sandy beaches. It's ok if you're going for a walk on the south downs. 



It’s not bad but it’s not massively good, Go on a day when the whole of London isn’t going, especially if you plan to get the evening train back to the smoke, That may mean going on a weekday, or staying over, neither of which is a bad idea. Brighton has some cool slightly old skool seaside hotels and most of the WEEKEND!!! stuff is shite. The beach is shite.

pretty good, yeah

they’ve certainly had the run of the green for the first few matches, but underneath that they r where they r by merit and potter’s solid coaching plays no small part

Brighton is great. Alternative ludicrous hipster stuff going on, good food, cool bars, live music. Then the camp old British seaside thing going on alongside with old skool promenade, fun rides etc. 

Yes, Brighton is great, Go round The Pavilion, it explains the ethos of the place and can set the vibe for the rest of the trip.

Oscar Wilde said that Brighton is like a town that is helping the police with their enquires.


Been a few times, always like more than I thought I would 

there are weeds all over the pavements because the council  (run by the greens i thnk) will only use hippy friendly weed killers that don't work

Not if you're coming all the way from Edinburgh.

Keith Waterhouse rather than Oscar Wilde. 
Brighton is a bit swamped with visitors now but def. still worth a visit. 

Brighton is pretty cool. Dont expect to be able to park there though. Green council.

Park? You get the train ffs. Can’t go to Brighton without getting completely bladdered.

Brighton is very good if you know where to go, which I do

I don't like it. I find it a very "ooh look how different, woke, alternative I am" place and it is run down and quite dirty.  


Do you like pansexuality and polyamory?  If so, Brighton is up your street.  If you're a Tory though you're probably not welcome.

Still a bit close to Maidstone for comfort.

Also a higher than normal level of poo particles.

We can go for a drink at the Marina boardwalk and cheers to Boris' no more lockdown tv speech tomorrow.


I like Brighton a lot. I used to go there a lot for court and enjoyed going around the Lanes after work. It has around one coffee shop per person if you like that sort of thing. Well worth a visit.

oh look, someone using “woke” as a diss

woke means aware of other people’s point of view and the challenges they may have faced in their life, and how their experience may be different from your own

woke is a good thing

s'alright - Lanes, Pavilion, bit of beach time, there's a good fish and chip in that order place. That's about it. Other bits of the south coast more worth it

The Lanes are good if you're after some bargain knock-off antiques.

heh at one coffee shop per person! about right. 
anyone been to the aquarium? eye wateringly expensive - £28 for an adult £17 for a sprog! very close to those numbers anyway. worth it? I want to see a giant lobster🦞 - have they got one?

It's really nice round the North Laine and the posh bits going into Hove. It's basically the only large place near London that has a discernible culture and identity of its own. 

The classic British seaside stuff around the pier is all pretty grim unless you want that for some reason.

Skidrow-on-Sea. Largely owned by Satan's Landlord, now returned from his adventures in Zimbabwe.

Pete Is he really back, cant be living in uckfield surely, i thought that place had fallen down

He is notoriously hard to pin down, but I gather he's living in that hotel he owns in Hove. I say own, it's probably in the name of one of his companies or offspring.

Its one of my legal claims to fame, his henchmen threatened to remove my kneecaps ( in a call to the firms reception) after I pulled a deal as I rumbled it was a NVH front company selling the lease to my client, and I really didnt want my clients having him as a LL.

We were actually sitting in the building my clients were going to lease, literally there for a few pleasantries and to sign.

I realised what was going on, told my clients we were leaving and I would explain later.

An interesting experience T Pot! He’s a complete piece of turd - someone with nothing much to lose will take their revenge on him one day. 

"woke means aware of other people's point of view and the challenges they may have faced in their life, and how their experience may be different from your own. woke is a good thing."

Nonsense. Wokeness is the authoritarian pseudo-progressive usurpation of social liberalism, and is an unequivocally bad thing.

Re aquarium prob best to get a Merlin pass if there's even a remote chance you would go to any of their other attractions. 

I would say Brighton is not "all that". It's effectively Islington by the sea.