Brexit solution

I have a plan,


Clearly we don't want to lose the economic benefits of being in the customs union and single market, that would be economic suicide,  also we don't want to break up the United Kingdom and risk ripping up the Good Friday Agreement - who wants to re-start a civil war?  On the other hand we don't want to be a "vassal state" taking rules without any say in them and having to accept trade deals negotiated on our behalf by third parties.


How about an arrangement whereby we participate in the customs union and single market, enjoy open borders and have share in the say of the governance of these things proportionate to our size and wealth?  Sounds like the best of both worlds.


Oh hang on...

At what point do people stop banging the Remain drum? We've had 2.5 years of it, even after the question was put to a 'Peoples Vote'.

I suspect the answer will be never.

You wankers have been moaning on since the early 1970s, so we've a fair bit to go yet.

Heh true. Though I always though the EU obsessives pre ref were a tedious lot.

brexiters seem to think they won in 2016, the UK shgall exit and then they won't hear from remainers again. think, or rather wish.

Sorry I was referring to those on the anti EU side, many of whom are equally bonkers now. Just look at the insanity posted on ConHome 

I think there's a thousand mile border between Norway and Sweden. One in the EU, one not.Technically a 'hard border' but I doubt its enforced that much.

Norway and Sweden don't fight too much these days. Neither do the Irish.

Chambers, Norway is in the European Economic Area, something that would send Brexikhvnts ballistic were the UK to join.

Chambers, two seconds on Wikipedia and I have this: Sounds like a hard border with (some) physical infrastructure. I think that is precisely the kind of thing we are not supposed to put in place because of the GFA.

I also suspect there is a little difference between Norway (pop 5m GDP $400 billion) and the UK (pop 66m GDP 2.6 trillion).

But yeah sure, it'll be fine.

If you're going to get overly technical about the language then it's probably worth pointing out that the majority of people in NI voted remain.

If the UK leaves then the only way to remain is for NI and SI to become one again, governed by SI.

So strictly speaking, all that is required for a binding obligation to arise on both the UK and Ireland under the GFA to reunite the Island of Ireland is for southern ireland to hold a vote to accept northern ireland back into the fold.

now THAT is an alternative Brexit solution for you.

I assume that a GCSE pupil with C grade would have this fully clear. The Leave won by 51.9% to 48.1%. However, the referendum turnout was 71.8%, with about 30 million people voting, the remaining didn’t vote. Maybe they could hold a referendum only to make sure that the remaining 12 millions (?) would decide not to vote again ❤️

Was that actually worth typing*?




(*subject to the proviso that nothing ever written on ROF has really been worth typing, so it's a comparative question.  basically i'm suggesting that comment added less to the benefit of humanity than the existence of 3-dux.  Who it must be remembered, is a bit of an anchor.)

It was worth typing if it stops you from saying "Southern Ireland", which I'm told most Irish people find quite offensive.