Boris Johnson as PM - is it not a bit too much?

do you not worry? do you not think "the buck stops here"? is it not even more divisive? is it not a reason to seriously - and not in jest or for a laugh - worry about the state of the tory party?

I do not mean to ask these questions to wind you up, they are genuine questions, I am trying to understand your country


That is why I shall not be voting for him next month.

I don't think you are factoring in how lame duck the PM is in the this parliament, it's effectively a powerless position 

No - I have just accepted that in a universe of infinite timelines, this version of me is on the shittest of shit ones and hope that all the other versions of me are having a lovely time where Trump continues to clean Marty's car, the British vote rationally on Brexit (that  only happened once, at this extreme end of the timelines, surely) and we have a PM who actually believes what he says.

Boris will make a fine PM

it's his time. The party should have chosen him last time, and they have seen sense now

Boris will fail in the same way Theresa May failed, only more spectacularly.

But that's why I want him to win, because it will completely fuck the Tories for the next generation.

I don't have a vote but I would vote for Boris (somewhat reluctantly).

It’s gonna be fun watch Boris make a Horlicks of this it will be very entertaining especially when his cabinet falls apart.

No, but not a member of the Conservative Party. I resigned.

you must have had loads of votes for leader by now?

aren't the kippers changing leader every month now?


Why are you asking on a board largely populated by metropolitan "liberal elite" lawyers?  If you are genuinely interested suggest you join messageboards.for parochial retired tories.

there are plenty of tories on here

they just don't say much on this thread 

I mean you have the Brexit party and then you have the tories in addition - WTAF?


anyway, what are your predictions? me: hard Brexit 31.10.2019, no changes to WA. until then a bit of posturing, repeating that the 39 billion will not be paid if no changes to WA

What do we want - Boris 

when do we want him - now 


labour under corbyn, another extremely weird construction site

Mr. Johnson is a liar, a cheat and a cad.  He has no political ideas and no political programme beyond making Mr. Johnson top dog.  He is lazy, arrogant and incompetent.  Despite ample opportunities to gain it, he has no worthwhile experience because his way of working is to leave it to others and then claim the credit if it goes well.    He is a bully and a snob.  He is supremely lacking in grown-up talents apart from a small gift for making funny speeches.  He is ignorant of the world outside the U.K. and uninterested in it.  

It is really hard to think of a person less fitted to hold public office than Mr. Johnson.  He is an appalling disgrace.  




Further, Mr. Johnson is not the man to stop Corbyn.  He is a loser, a busted flush, a cop-out and a failure.  

“[Johnson is] a man who waits to see the way the crowd is running and then dashes in front and says, ‘Follow me’.” 
Michael Heseltine, Good Morning Britain interview in 2018

“The Johnsonian creed [is] that it is, in his own words, acceptable, sometimes desirable to lie. Certainly that approach has been advantageous to him. But it must come at a price.”
Sonia Purnell, Johnson’s biographer and one-time deputy in the Telegraph’s Brussels bureau, writing after he withdrew from the leadership race in 2016

“He’s lied his way through life, he’s lied his way through politics, he’s a huckster with a degree of charm to which I am immune. As well as being mendacious he’s incompetent.” 
Conservative former minister Chris Patten in May interview with Bloomberg

“I’m afraid he’s shown, especially during his period as foreign secretary, that he doesn’t have the necessary skills and capacity [to be leader].” 
Conservative MP and former attorney general Dominic Grieve in May interview with LBC

“He’s an enormous character but not a team player… And he doesn’t know if he’s a journalist or a politician, but he does know it’s all about him. The more he repeats what everyone can see is not credible, the more his own credibility disappears.” 
Former foreign office colleague Sir Alan Duncan, 2018 interview with the Times

“The worst foreign secretary we’ve ever had... Disinterested and out of his depth he cared nothing for our situation. Good riddance.” 
John McKendrick, attorney general of Anguilla, bidding farewell to Johnson as foreign secretary with criticism of his response to the British Overseas Territory’s devastation during Hurricane Irma in 2017

Fvck it, bring it on.  He can't be any worse than May and he has the advantage of not being Gove or Raab (small comforts I know).

No deal Brexit is pretty much inevitable anyway and he'll be out of power within weeks of us crashing out. 

My biggest worry is that he will take us to war with Iran but I don't think he is quite mad enough to do it.  

No deal is almost the only thing that is guaranteed not to happen.

Everything else is possible.