The Bezos Divorce

Rofettes if you were Mrs. Bezos would you go after half of his accumulated fortune as I think the relevant US law allows her to or would you just think actually several billion is quite enough to keep me going?

 believe in practice she won’t want to split up his concentrated holding of Amazon stock so that he can maintain control, so they will do some kind of deal 

ask for 1/2 , see wot happens


I should have been a family lawyer

He's apparently got a couple of billion in cash and I'd be inclined to just take that rather than messing around selling shares and the like.

i wouldnt want billions, you and your kids would be at significant risk of kidnap. Although that’ll probably happen however much she gets...

The kids are already at risk of kidnap and not sure it makes a material difference to that risk if you have $2.5bn or are married to a man worth $170bn.

Bezos doesn't control Amazon does he? He's only got ~16% ordinary shares, he could be fired if the board wanted.

I think it would be worth taking half to secure as much childrens inheritance as possible against any mad shit Bezos does in future.

He's got 79m shares in amazon that are worth $1,600 each. That is a lot of $

Unless she wants to remarry and have some more bubs, why does she care?

The difference between $2bn and $20bn is virtually nothing in terms of her day to day. And if in the end it will all go their mutual kids (and she's not about to have any more), I doubt she really cares.

Although tbf there may be some understandable ego.  If she supported him etc, she might want to see the cash split reflect that.


It is what she is legally entitled to... and he was playing away and not just the once. 

And he only came clean about it  to her when a newspaper who had been tailing him and his mistress for months came forward and showed him all the evidence they had gathered on his affairs. 

I'd want half just to make him pay. 



Rufus - I guess she might be worried that he will remarry and have more kids (and dilute the inheritance for her kids in the process). Unlikely with his current squeeze but there's always a pneumatic 25 year old waiting around every corner for a bloke like him.

It's all daft though. There is so much money there that only non-obscene thing they could do with it is give most of it away anyway and whatever her happens the will be a billion per child at least.  

Pneumatic is such a good word to describe attractive young women. First remember it being used in Brave New World.