Best ever TV advert

Fly Air Canada - to a world of possibilities 

Having been brought up on a plain stodgy English doughnut, I did find that, as promised by Air Canada, there were indeed a stupendous world of donut possibilities at Timmy’s.

Best adverts are either the rapping Yeo Valley farmers or the Nike Armstrong one with the Killers. Obvs the latter destroyed by Lance's misdemeanours, but on a par with the BBC closing credits to the last Olympics for great sport to music. 

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i quite liked that one about the grandpa lifting weights etc - and then it turns out he's doing it do he can lift up his granddaughter


Isn't this the plot of American Beauty, but it's so he can bang his underage daughter's also underage friend?

This was masterful Hamlet Cigars Advert 1987: Photo Booth - YouTube Imagine having so much silence in an ad now, and not even picturing the product.

These were two of my favourites of a similar time 

Carling Black Label Lager Lady In The Lake UK Advert - YouTube

Carling Black Label - Dambusters (1989, UK) - YouTube


Both are testament to a time when serious directors and creative agencies got massively involved because TV advertising was undiluted by internet content and streaming, and audiences were compressed in the UK into a choice of 4 channels so you had a market of millions just sitting there sucking it up. 

I remember all these old time adverts.  I have no patience for adverts at all now, and refuse to watch any program interrupted by ads except sport - which are mostly betting ads.

I remember all these old time adverts.

Well indeed. How many of the bland all-the-same ads for deliveroo or whatever that are around now can be remembered after 10 minutes let alone 50 years.