BBC in-housers match Kirkland’s junior lawyers for salary

saw this headline on the lawyer.  can't get access.  what rate are they on?  This can't be right surely

K&E nqs would be about 140k sterling as a best guess.  think it depends on xchange r8.

suspect they mean trainees as tge comparator which is more likely 60odd

I assume the probably also mean the BBC head of legal is on the same as a Kirkland NQ as no need to compare like with like.

last time I looked a few years ago head of legal there was on about 220k

There are over a hundred lawyers at the BBC, quite a few with 30+ years of experience and with some having come across from PP as partners.  Surely it's not surprising that there are a few on £140k+?!

I knew a BBC lawyer once. 

He was very odd. VERY odd. even for a lawyer.