Anyone interested in forming a K-pop group with me?
PerfidiousPorpoise 06 Dec 18 09:23
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No need to be Korean.

I'll bring the looks. You bring the talent.

Let's make lots of money.

Ok, that was an image from that page about people having phantom rectums. It just made me laugh and I didn't bother reading the article.

The Phantom Rectum could be a porn industry parody of a shit Star Wars film.

Did you read the rectum article?  Poor buggers, chron's and colitis are such a complete life changer and so few know much about them.

I know a few people with Crohns. I have a friend from uni who has a bag and we used to joke with him about him having no butt hole.

One of my many exes had colitis and was involved in an awareness raising group that supported newly diagnosed people so I'm a bit over sensitive I guess.  It's really rubbish for people to have to learn to accept they will most likely need a stoma at some point.