Anyone else want to lol at Leeds?
Shatner's bassoon 15 May 19 21:57
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I also want to lol at Leeds please.


hopefully the Bielsa fan boys will fuck off now

I thought last night's West Brom -v- Aston Villa was entertaining, this was just as good.  Championship play-offs are always must-watch games. 


Another English Manager in the Premiership next season

feel a bit sorry for them tbh

FLDC do not deserve to be in the final and I fucking hate Villa

Leeds came third in the league and deserved to go up on that basis. The play-offs are entertaining but unfair and unnecessary.


The play offs are class and are long established, the team who come third always have a moan about it. It's not like Leeds were miles clear of 4th place or anything.

I've no particular affection for Leeds, but the prospect of a club like that being in the Prem would have been interesting. Now we have the prospect of Derby County v Brighton to look forward to. 


Having said that, the alternative is Villa going up. Again, no real dislike of Villa, but the prospect of seeing John Terry win something at Wembley again makes me want to throw up my appendix. 

I used "prospect" far too many times in that post. 


I blame my hatred of John Terry. 

Sod Leeds, they got properly lamped last night and it was hilarious.

Lampard will be managing Chelsea by Christmas i reckon.

Lampard vs.Terry eh. They'll all manage their old clubs one day. Same with Gerrard at Rangers. He'll be back to Liverpool.

I'm still waiting for the legend that was Warren Barton to return to the toon.

tbf it’s probably more fun to be competitive (but always fvck it up in the end) in the Championship than scrabbling around for points to avoid relegation from the Prem

And what have you got against Leeds United Teclis? They are my team, I grew up there, stood on the terraces. They won loads of things in the past, but can't always win them all.

Remember when Dennis Wise took Leeds to League One? That was amusing.

I remember when some Leeds fans partially destroyed some stadium in Paris during a European cup final in the 1970s

Not really good, but it happened.

Brian Clough was briefly the manager of Leeds United in the 70s. He annoyed Billy Bremner. Only lasted 44 days. 

Leeds and Chelsea have quite a bit of history Chambo, you should know that.

It's tribalism in it's purest form!


Brian Clough was briefly the manager of Leeds United in the 70s. He annoyed Billy Bremner. Only lasted 44 days. 

The Damned United. Brilliant film. 

A mate of mine had just bought himelf a brand new 55" HD TV specifically to watch the Championship play off final but it didn't come with any Leeds.

Does anyone else remember the ‘Laughing all the way to the Leeds’ adverts that George Cole (doing a very thinly disguised Arthur Daley) did for years?

I do. Liquid gold accounts heh.  Don’t know if they’re still around as a building soc are they?

Yes, they did have history Teclis. A mate of mine wore a Chelsea bandana he nicked from a Chelsea fan. Trophy gathering.There probably wasn't much violelence involved knowing him.

And then when a load of Chelsea fans started waving tenners at the Leeds end at Elland Road chanting poor northerners.

Leeds fans just chanted back 'Thanks, we'll have them later'.

Leeds building society was gobbled up by The Halifax yonks ago. Shame.

Mind you I made a bit of free cash from setting up loads of building society accounts when I saw which way the wind was blowing on demutualisation.