Anti-male discrimination in retail

I was on Oxford st shopping at the classix- Tk Maxx, river island, top man. All the men's sections were on the TOP FLOOR. 

Will my menninist bredren join with me in denouncing the UNPAID LABOUR I had to do to get up three sets of escalators to purchase my new polyester blend shirt?

I AM WITH YOU.  And I’m such a fat prick too because of all the desk work I have to do.  Not fair!  angryangrycryingcrying

I dunno if I'm ok. Maybe I'm feeling oppressed. 

it's no more stupid than the deeply profound feminist issue of why women's pockets aren't big enough (in products designed by and purchased by women).

It's not really stupid - it's the same issue I have with women's toilets always being on the top floor in old London pubs (and usually once you finally get there it's one tiny old cubicle and a massive queue).  

But you did get escalators and didn't have to haul your fat ass up under your own steam, so you lose sympathy on that front.

And you're right about the stupid decorative pockets too.

Ladies rarely have pockets, but they have handbags instead.

What annoys me is tailors who tell men not to put stuff in their pockets for fear of them "losing their shape."

Wtf am I supposed to put my sh*t then, Jeeves?!

I suppose it's obviously because men don't spend as much $$$ on clothes so we get a 2nd class retail experience.

fair enough.

Uniqlo has men's stuff on the ground floor. Go there instead.