Angry passenger on a flight...

 He keeps shouting at people who are trying to pass him, as he is taking too long and blocking the aisle. And each time, some else pushes past, he gets angrier. Wonder if he is going to lose his shit altogether? Would make for an entertaining flight! 

Did you see the recent video of the Polish border guards dealing with a drunk aggressive passenger very "efficiently"? Maybe you will get to see something like that. 

BA; no, English. Guessing a tad racist as he has just complained about “you bloody Korean women”....  as some women pushed past. I have no idea if they are Korean or not, FYI, and I couldn’t possibly comment. 

Would that get one chucked of a flight if they complained? 

Is anyone filming it? Is there a twitter live feed that we can watch?

You may end up with a Tornado escort bringing you back to the airport if he carries on 

I would complain now if it's on the ground in the UK

Quietly, like


Well, that was completely uneventful.  I was hoping for a rugby tackle in the aisle.... 

However, he moaned about everything, the entire flight.  Seat was uncomfortable, service for drinks was too slow, then complained about how his flight two days ago was just as bad, but "thankfully, I try to avoid flying BA where I can", to a young air stewardess who was trying her hardest to smile and not look completely put out. He was travelling cattle class. Urgh.

A chap the other week went full Fawlty. Tall dweeby City lawyer type. Annoyed at being asked to see if his hand baggage would fit in the measure. More annoyed when it didn't so he started trying to kick it in as he insisted it met the size requirements. He had measured it himself. It then got stuck halfway down. He couldn't pull it out so he knocked the entire metal stand over, grabbed the bag and pushed the whole thing bob sleigh style 20ft across the floor at speed and rammed it into the gate. Which finally got the bag to fit in (albeit now stuck fast). Throughout the whole thing he was shouting that it had fitted before, it would fit again blah, blah, blah.  When he finally got it in he started leaping about waving his arms pointing at the bag and shouting "Look, look, see everybody! It fits, it fits!". Which was when, and only when, the super cool security staff who had stood back as he made an epic tit of himself, totally deadpan, gave him "Sir, sir. You are not getting on this flight." Ka-boom! 

"Right, you've had it now! I'm going to give you a damned good thrashing!!!"

His poor wife and kids looking on.





I genuinely think there is something happening to increase our fury. Perhaps a government experiment. Perhaps a conspiracy. Perhaps a way to limit population growth. 

It is everywhere. Just waiting to be unleashed.

Maybe they've secretly put lead back into petrol 

I've had a few run ins with aggressive bus drivers of late

I feel sorry for the chap with the hand luggage. It's meant as a guide ffs. If it's a millimetre over, you don't expect some Little Hitler to refuse you entry to your aeroplane.