The dawn of GDPR marked a welcome reversal of fortunes for the Individual. Suddenly the hitherto untouchable vendors of Stylish Gifts/Photo Printing/Airport Parking/Non-Orange Legal News, who had pounded our inbox for years with impunity, were getting in touch on bended knee to ask our consent to spam us. We moaned, but secretly we were delighted to receive begging letters from our tormentors. Like medieval monarchs, we dismissed them forever with a click of the mouse. 

Undeniably, though, there were a lot of those bloody GDPR emails, and it's good they've stopped. Except here trundles in Trial And Error, the Old Bailey's charity fund-raising theatre group. Having had time to check out everyone else's approaches to GDPR communications, they've been able to foment the best strategy. Or, as a source put it, a "hilariously bad" one. Not true, of course. The ideal email in which to copy in your whole mailing list is obviously the one about GDPR compliance:



There but for the grace of God, though, and after dumping on it the least I can do is to give it a plug. It looks like a great organisation, and what a venue for a show. This year's, held in No. 1 Court at the Old Bailey, is in support of The Sheriffs’ & Recorder’s Fund helping ex-Offenders, and PAN Intercultural Arts helping victims of Human Trafficking. You can get tickets here.



Gobblepig 18 January 19 06:53

Thanks to GDPR, the spam that I receive from Legal Week and the Lawyer has reduced to twice what it previously was.