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Glamorous Solicitor 2016 - Round 1
16 December 2016
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The hunt for the most Glamorous Solicitor of 2016 is on.

Each week RollOnFriday frames and mounts a portrait of a lawyer exhibiting superior style and presence. It may be his unconventional haircut. It may be her trout pout. It may simply be a devastating gaze to camera.

One thing it's not about is looks. All of the Glams could be ordinary, but instead they have cultivated (or declined to shave off) unique characteristics which raise them above the crowd. And thank goodness for that, because these heroic men and women are a bulwark against homogeneity in the profession.

RollOnFriday has whittled down the best of 2016 to the 17 most glamorous of the glamorous. Now it's up to you to pick your favourites and vote, as many times as you like. The five contenders with the lowest number of fans will be eliminated before Round 2 next week. The poll is here.

 1. Pieter Joost Schaap, Capra Law, Netherlands
  Pieter goes undercover, in 1934. 

 2. Arijana Petres, partner, Schoenherr, Croatia 
  Surely you don't need a job that badly, Arijana?

 3. Martin Lewis, principal residential property
lawyer, Slater & Gordon
    Martin also teaches geography at Grange Hill 

 4. Peter Fox, Else Solicitors    
    Mr Fox looks more like a badger 

 5. Laurent Lusinchi, patent attorney, Ladas & Parry, Los Angeles    
     Laurent took his rat everywhere

 6. Kamar Khan, Solicitor, Taylor Knight and Wolff, via LinkedIn    
  Kamar asked the most beautiful person he knew to take his photo

 7. Thomas Rozsa, Rozsa Law Group, California    
  Liberace is alive and well and practising in California 

 8. Graham Harvey, Director, Harvey Associates    
     You're a tiger, Graham. A tiger!

 9. Mark W. Benjamin. Criminal lawyer. Minnesota    
  Mark practises law, air guitar and making America great again 

 10. James Cudmore, lawyer, MacLean law    
     James can also be found on Tinder

 11. Charles Kellett, Criminal barrister, Drystone Chambers    
     Hannibal's disguise isn't fooling anyone

 12. Gary Green, Sidkoff, Pincus & Green, Philadelphia    
    Sit down, shut up and listen to the Walrus 

 13. Geoffrey G Dellenbaugh, Counsel, McCormick, Paulding, & Huber, Connecticut    
    "I'll draft your lease, English" 

 14. Brian T. Casey, Partner. Locke Lord    
    Book Brian for table magic today! 

 15. Wiktor Buza, Senior solicitor, Moore Blatch    
    Someone in marketing had to crop round that hair 

 16. Ryabchenko Nukhimovna, partner, BIEL law firm, Moscow    
    "Rimmel Moscow. Get the Moscow look" 

 17. Andrew Mason, Barrister, Scotland    
    Andrew deals with volume claims 



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anonymous user
16/12/2016 11:25
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By a random look-up it seems Mr Khan's firm was closed down by the SRA at some point this year due to suspected dishonesty...

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