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Looking for a Training Contract?

Looking for a Training Contract?
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McClure Naismith finally admits it needs a saviour
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Associate struck off for claiming relatives had died to repay LPC debts
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SDT reprimands lawyer for "plonker" jibe
Vile jibe sent it sprinting to SRA ... read more >
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Exclusive: students lose training contracts after failing BPP course ... read more >


Asia Pacific Headlines

Asia Pacific Headlines
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Glamorous Solicitor

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Dodgy Solicitor Top Trumps

Dodgy Solicitor Top Trumps
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Firm of the Year 2015: The Results

The RollOnFriday computer has churned through the thousands of responses from law firm employees, rating their satisfaction with their pay, promotion prospects and working hours (as well as biscuits, bogs and booze-ups) at the biggest UK law firms. It's a high five to the winner and a big fat Golden Turd to the loser.

You can have your say on your firm all year round by updating the Inside Info form or by sending in your news and gossip.

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Job of the Week

Job of the Week
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A little birdy told me...

...that a partner at a well-known Newcastle firm defected to a competitor after all the comments made at partner meetings about his very obvious hair transplant.