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4PQE compares himself to James Bond, badly
21 October 2016
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A lawyer has compared himself to James Bond and posted photos of himself doing the splits in an admirable/alarming attempt at self-promotion.

Altaf Hussain, who is the chairman of Birmingham firm Addison Aaron, bills himself on LinkedIn as "International Lawyer 2015". He clarifies a little further down his profile that he was shortlisted for the award by the Birmingham Law Society. According to his firm profile the 4PQE  lawyer is already a "fearsome" litigator with "unrivalled confidence". It also describes him as a "meticulous case preparer" with "a glittering record in winning impossible cases"  who has a "sharp focus and an adaptive intellect", a "unique winning mentality & superior motivation" and has "investigated, argued and won 90% of cases to date".

Back on LinkedIn, Hussain has exploited the potential of a tux:

It is not clear why having a golden eyeball, or watching people being killed, makes Hussain a desirable lawyer. Or refusing chemo and employing double negatives. But he does have fans, such as "TAZ", an artist and singer from "Stereo Nation" who recommends Hussain on the basis that he "is an amazing person as well as s [sic] true professional who works to perfection. He leaves NO STONE un-turned".

Other solicitors should note that even minor achievements are opportunities to #sellthebrand, as illustrated by Hussain's frequent updates.


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