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Lawyer advertises himself as best ever human being
08 August 2014
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A US lawyer has blown the European competition out of the water in the battle for the boldest advert.

Last week RollOnFriday featured a Swedish solicitor who portrayed herself shooting energy beams out of her hands to make contracts float in space. At first glance, Texas attorney Pete Reid can't compete. The commercial begins with the attorney sitting in his law library preparing to quote from a book on constitutional law.

But Reid has sold his audience a dummy. Before he can speak he's cut off by a blaring punk song ("I'm the one" by The Ugly Beats, musicfans) and, instead of a lecture, he demolishes a Rubik's Cube.


Tosses a caber.


Establishes his honesty bona fides.


And his capacity for dealing death.


Then, speed chess, plus inevitable trophy.


Before a swift haircut.


The foiling of a mugger.


Adding a man to the list of those who owe him their life.


Before slaying a football squad all by himself, which is the best team possible.


When Reid finally makes it into court the jury reacts in the only logical way, by giving him a standing ovation.


It is diffcult to see how Reid's effort can be topped. In the comments under the video a rival firm even suggests, "this is one of the coolest ad's [sic] I've seen". Another person adds, "Peter Reid - monkey heed", because Youtube.

If you've seen lawyers turning their fantasies into wonderful reality, let RoF know.


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anonymous user
08/08/2014 09:05
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Is that Brendan Rodgers?

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