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Exclusive: Linklaters makes up more women than men for the first time ever
11 April 2014
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For the first time ever Linklaters has promoted more women than men to its London partnership.

Four out of the seven new associates made up to partner in London this year are female, compared to just one out of six last year and the year before. And globally, nine of Linklaters 21 new partners are women, which represents the highest proportion of female new partners in the firm's history, and the most women Links has made up in its annual round of promotions since records began in 2001.

Dare to dream

In terms of overall numbers of new partners, Links has been fairly consistent compared to recent years. Elsewhere, it's a tale of two cities. Olswang has announced it is only promoting two partners, and Nabarro and Trowers & Hamlins are both making up greatly reduced numbers of associates compared to last year.

On the other hand DAC Beachcroft is more confident (although that could be the Stella talking). The firm is making up 16 associates (nine of them women), more than three times the number it promoted last year or the year before. And Macfarlanes has announced it is making up nine new partners (three of whom are women), more than double the four associates it promoted in 2013 and well up on the five it promoted in 2012.

A spokesman for Linklaters said the relatively high proportion of women this year reflects "the commitment we have made to identifying and supporting female associates with partnership potential". Though he pointed out that it was just one year’s promotions, adding that "we are acutely conscious that there remain significant challenges for the retention and promotion of women – and indeed in ensuring we have a more diverse partnership generally”.
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anonymous user
11/04/2014 12:22
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Hopefully the comment from the spokesman doesn't unfairly suggest that they've been promoted because they were women? Those promoted achieved partnership on merit and I wish that was the focus rather than their gender. Congratulations all

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