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Legal world in shock as Devonshires cuts biscuits, fruit and monthly drinks
29 July 2011
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In an exciting new business development, the uber-profitable Devonshires has dispensed with fruit bowls, biscuits and monthly drinks for staff in the name of cost saving.

A source told RollOnFriday that the firm has removed the free fruit it used to provide for staff - although reportedly only one piece per person, mind. Devonshires apparently also used to stock the kitchens with biscuits, but these too have vanished. And to top it off, the monthly drinks laid on so hard-working Devonshire associates could loosen their ties have been replaced by biannual drinks. Which must finish by 9pm.

    A internal briefing memo for Devonshires' partners, yesterday

And it seems Devonshires' staff are pretty disgruntled at the removal of those little privileges that cost relatively little but can make quite a difference to morale. And who can blame them when Devonshires is one of the City's most profitable law firms, smashing its targets and making enough cash for its equity partners to trouser between £700k and £1.2m each.

But despite its good fortunes, Devonshires has form for miserliness. Only last month RollOnFriday reported that the firm had "miscalculated" bonus targets to such an extent that associates were told they were only eligible for a bonus if they had beaten targets by 25%. Nice.

Devonshires were too busy confiscating custard creams to respond to RollOnFriday.


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