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65 applications for every training contract position
01 July 2011
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The Association of Graduate Recruiters has reported that there are now 65.5 applications for every training contract.

According to the newly-released survey, on average across all sectors there are 83 bright-eyed graduates chasing every job. However the 65.5 figure for law firms does not reflect the fact that most applicants apply to lots of firms - so the stats are not as bad as they might seem at first. Especially as some TC-hunters seem to carpet bomb firms with their CVs, covering letters and cut-and-paste paragraphs.

    A typical law firm grad rec department yesterday

RollOnFriday scientists did a survey of their own and unearthed some interesting numbers. Statistically, fearsome Slaughter and May is amongst the easiest of places to get a training contract, receiving around 2,000 applications (a mere CV and covering letter) for its 90 available jobs - so that's a one in 22 chance. Which is very good odds when compared with other firms such as Shoosmiths (1,000 applications for 22 jobs, or 1 in 45) or even Eversheds (which gets 3,000 for its 50 jobs, meaning a success rate of just 1 in 60).

Getting a training contract has always been difficult and firms can take their pick of those with the best academics, work experience and photocopying skills. And with the sausage factories law schools continuing to pump out jobless grads competing for the same posts, it doesn't look like the process is going to get easier any time even if the AGR claims that training contract vacancies are about to increase by 14.6%.

On the plus side, the survey showed that law firms paid the highest median salary of all graduate recruiters.


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