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QualitySolicitors reveal their teams to the world
04 June 2010
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Last week, RollOnFriday brought you news of the launch of QualitySolicitors, a network of former independent firms brought together under a happy franchise tent. And now here are the KwaliteeSolisitorz (see also this week's Glamorous Solicitor) who will be leading that charge.

All are available in huge high-definition colour courtesy of the QualitySolicitors website (click on the small pictures to see the real deal). This is only a tiny selection of the knuckle-bitingly awkward images available.

    Sam Harris wanted to wear a suit, but wasn't allowed.

He cried all the way home

Jamie Hanley. Is that a pistol in your pocket, or are you just a Quality Solicitor?

    Linda Evans asks what to do with her glasses whilst her photo is taken.

Brendan Donohue. Now remember to open your eyes really wide for your picture. Say cheese! Or don't.

    Sean Rome is modelling the summer collection. From Lidl.*

*Sean is the Facilities/Office Manger [sic] at the outlet in Brighton



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