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Bonkers Law Firm Website: Our lawyers are fun
15 April 2016
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This week's firm is the first to feature twice in the bonkers parade.

Back in 2010 RollOnFriday admired the staff of Lyndales for revealing their fun side. There were Chelsea fans (not that one), hikers and even magicians. But it recently invested in a refresh and threw out the old  team photos. To the delight of bonkers watchers everywhere, however, it has replaced them with new, slightly more desperate snapshots of Lawyers Having Fun.

These ones require visitors to roll their mouse over the photos to reveal the light side of Lyndales.

  Stanley always matches his magazines

  "Are you not entertained?"

  Oh Darrell

  That is a plant

  That had better be a trowel

  Ashley never verbalises a threat. Doesn't have to. 

  Tom has a turn

Hats off to Lyndales for using a wider selection of props than the French. If you've spotted kerrazy lawyers, alert RollOnFriday.



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anonymous user
20/04/2016 14:22
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LOL Tom has a turn