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Bonkers Law Firm emphasises its Yeti connections
19 February 2016
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This week's Bonkers Law Firm has based its entire identity on its founder's nickname.

E.M. 'Yeti' Agnew's profile on her Canadian firm's website explains that she, "gained her unusual nickname of "Yeti" (or "abominable snowman") from her French speaking friends while sporting a fake fur parka at Neuchatel College in Switzerland". Rather than bury a sobriquet which identifies her as a giant hairy mountain beast, The Yeti embraced it.

    It was because of the jacket. End of discussion.

And then she stretched it to breaking point, naming her firm Yeti Law and branding her staff, "Legal Sherpas".

    Where your strained analogy begins

Yeti Law promises that, "we can help you navigate the Himalayas of Law" (see what they did there?) which, "many find daunting without an experienced guide".

  "I was frightened at first, but Yeti really put me at ease over the home-buying process"* 

*NB this photo is not from Yeti's website

The website breaks down a client's experience into different stages of a "Legal Journey". Stage 2 is "Equipment Check and Journey Planning". Stage 3 is "Legal Sherpa Maps and People Plans". The description of exactly what that entails is hazy, although elsewhere Yeti states, "we use photographs and family trees to learn and understand what our clients value most". So perhaps everyone sits around a table while Yeti breaks the news that Grandad was illegitimate. Stage 6 is a "Just in Case Kit", which hopefully includes a tranquiliser gun packing enough juice to fell an angry Yeti, while Stage 7 is one of the most baffling offers to be made by a law firm:


If you want Werner Herzog to listen to your dying screams at the hands of an ape-like cryptid, Toronto-based Yeti Law is waiting. And if you've spotted a Bonkers Law Firm Site, let RoF know.



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