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Bonkers Law Firm Website of the Week: Sexy Dog Times
28 September 2012
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While most law firms rely on boring black and white photographs of their senior lawyers, Canadian firm Moffat & Co. and Macera & Jarzyna has gone for some marvellously bonkers snaps of its team.

It's difficult to select highlights from the extraordinary staff roster, but here are a few favourites (and see the "Our Team" page for more):

    Clients literally eat from Janice Kelland's hand.
But was the union blessed? Hungarian Kuvasz Bacci gets frisky with his owner, Andrew Jarzyna.
    Shapeshifter Amelia Choi in a giant shoe next to a tiny windmill.

    Susan Beaubien takes on the notorious 7th at Pebble Beach. In 1974.

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anonymous user
04/10/2012 13:28
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I feel sorry for the dog in a headlock.
anonymous user
03/07/2015 12:12
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have a look at the page now...