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Banner Jones presents its staff to the world...
23 March 2012
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Derbyshire based firm Banner Jones has made a terrific contribution to the tradition of mad law firm websites. Once again it seems marketing types in thick-rimmed specs thought it would be a good idea for the lawyers to show their human side. And once again, the results speak for themselves. Here's a selection:

  And to his colleagues, Stephen Gordon is plain old 'insufferable'.

But when the acting work dried up, Jane Kay became a licenced conveyancer.

    Isabelle da Silva tires of life in Sheffield.

Berry interesting, Diane Gunn.

    William Fletcher does odd jobs, and a bit of auto-erotic asphysixiation.

Well, that's what Kate Hyland calls it.

    Yes, Andrew Hay, it is.

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anonymous user
23/03/2012 10:10
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Our clients expect consistency, I mean " our clients expect consistency" or is that 'our clients expect consistency'...ARRGHHhh I wish Stephen Gordon was here now so he could explain how Stephen Gordon would deal with client expectations…. in the third person.
anonymous user
11/04/2012 12:10
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this just shows the firm is not multi-cultural and too "english". Note to firm: if you want to expand you need to do business outside of your english mentality.