ET phone solicitor for the hundredth time.

A solicitor has been struck off after receiving £132,000 for a client's divorce settlement, but then ignoring requests to transfer the money.

Sole practitioner Analiza Kjaer of Able Law, in London, was instructed on a divorce, and in 2020 received settlement money for the matter. Her client, known as 'ET' in the tribunal's decision, had signed the transfer deed of the former matrimonial home, which was then sent to her ex-husband's solicitor. 

ET sent multiple chasers to Kjaer for the money that she was owed. However, the elusive solicitor replied just once, apologising for the delay, and asking for the client's bank details; but then did not respond to all subsequent emails from the client.

The SRA investigated and discovered that Able Law's client account had a balance of just £64,461, meaning that a huge chunk of the funds owed to ET were unaccounted for. A compensation fund from the legal profession had to be used to reimburse the out-of-pocket client.

When the SRA visited Able Law's office, it appeared to be impersonating the Mary Celeste, as the regulator reported that Kjaer had "vacated" it "some time prior to the visit." The SRA shut down the firm.

The ghosting solicitor failed to reply to correspondence from the SRA, and did not engage in the tribunal process.

In the SDT's decision, it found that Kjaer had told her client that she intended to "chase up" the missing payments, even though she had received the money the previous month. The tribunal ruled the solicitor had acted "dishonestly and without integrity" as she had "misrepresented to ET that she did not have the authority to release the funds."

The panel accepted the SRA's "unchallenged documentary and witness evidence" and struck Kjaer off the roll, and ordered that she pay over £27,500 in costs. 

It is understood that ET has also reported Kjaer to the police.

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Anonymous 17 February 23 07:54

 @ Able law.

They seem to be about as able as Brabners

Anonymous 17 February 23 08:15

Oh thank god.

I thought from the deadline that this was going to be someone being struck off for not bothering to reply to tedious clients asking stupid questions.

"where's that inconsequential document that you promised you'd send me yesterday" and similar humdrum crap.

Thought my days were numbered.

Anonymous Anonymous 17 February 23 10:21

Time for a new legal organisation that proves a lawful, decent and honest service. A law firm run by Robotics?

Irwin Heffron 17 February 23 14:25

Hi admin, Your posts are always well-received by the community.

Anon 17 February 23 15:04

How many people’s hearts dropped at that headline…thinking their career is practically over?!

Anonymous 18 February 23 19:25

I have never ignored a client.

I have, however, put a great deal of effort and attention into avoiding contact with them.

Anonymous 21 February 23 14:37

From what I have heard, Holden Smith Law have a somewhat similar track record with ignoring client requests for updates

AbsurdinessBrown 14 May 23 13:52

Honestly, who could have predicted this? 

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