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Baker Botts can trace its roots back to Texas in 1840. The oil boom in the 1900s resulted in Daniel Plainview-esque entrepreneurs coming to the lone star state. The dramatic economic growth meant Baker Botts benefited from companies seeking legal advice. 

The firm has continued to forge a stellar reputation in oil and gas over the years, and energy remains a key area. In recent times, the firm has represented Novatek, one of the largest independent natural gas producers in Russia, in various sales.

As well as energy, Baker Botts is held in particularly high-regard for its technology expertise, currently advising on Project Heather, the launch of Scotland’s first stock exchange in fifty years. It was instructed by Faraday Grid, the global energy technology company, on a £25 million investment. And its technology team also advised Liberty Media Corporation on the $8 billion acquisition of Formula One. 

The firm's largest offices are Houston, Washington and Dallas. It has a significant reach worldwide with 15 offices, which includes 750 qualified lawyers and another 100 fee-earners of paralegals, trainees etc. It extended its reach to the west of America in 2008 when it launched in Palo Alto to provide expertise for Silicon Valley clients, and it expanded further on the west coast in 2015 by opening in San Francisco. The firm kicked off its Middle East presence in 2001 with an opening in Saudi, and it has built in the region with offices in Dubai and Kuwait. An Asian presence was launched in 2005 with an outpost in Hong Kong, followed by an opening in Beijing two years later.

The firm's London office was set-up in 1998, and has grown to around 40 qualified lawyers. As with the global offering, London's main strength is in energy sector.  

Managing Partner John Martin took the helm of the global firm in April 2019, having previously been the partner-in-charge of the firm's Palo Alto office.

Revenue was down 7% in the financial year 2018 compared with 2017, from USD 678.2 million to USD 731.8 million. PEP was also down USD 1.84 million to USD 1.66 million. Although it seems that the 2018 financials dropped due to significant contingency fee revenue that was included in the 2017 figures, but not 2018. 

NB for salary mentioned for London, Baker Botts places associates into six bands. These are indicative at PQE level, but there is some fluidity as there is potential for associates to progress at different paces. 


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Austin, Beijing, Brussels, Dallas, Dubai, HK, Kuwait, Texas, Moscow, NY, Palo Alto, Riyadh, San Francisco, Washington


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$1.66 million


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1600 hours
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Maternity leave: 12 weeks full pay
Paternity leave: 2 weeks full pay


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