Would Mr Messy get into the England team.

. A chaotic genius but no good at staying in a diamond formation.   

Yes deffo. But I'd play a 4-4-2. 

Bounce and Small up front. Agile.

Bump would need to come off injured but would have him as an attacking midfielder in the starting XI. 

Strong would be in defence. 

Tickle in goal. Great arms. 


I reckon Mr Silly might be good in goal for penalties. Thinking of Grobbelaar and his wobbly legs. Surely he’d put the strikers off.

Good shout Guy. Mr Tickle between the sticks for most of the match then subbed for specialist penalty keeper Mr Silly whilst Tickle “warms down” behind the goal.

Now this is a WC I would watch even if it was hosted on N Korea.