Women of Rof - peri and tiredness


Just me, or are any other fette’s in their late 30s / 40s just shattered all the time?

I’ve started going to bed earlier, reducing caffeine, getting more quality sleep, exercising more and drinking a lot lot lot less, taking florabollocks etc 

and not noticing any difference. Not especially looking for tips but an understanding that yeah this is just life or no ob ur a knackeredness outlier 

^ I did think I was starting peri as periods were mad last year - cycle was absolutely bonkers but seem to have settled back to normal and got tested and no peri yet but longer and heavier - but that’s been since having kids 

do a week of caning it like you're 25 and see if you still think the exercise, moderate alcohol and quality rest are making no difference...  Mrs M is not enjoying this process.  What is the florabollocks of what you speak.  Are they like butter balls?

Not sure how old you are OB but if you're >42 and have peri symptoms, they are supposed to offer HRT. I have been on estrogel for 6 months and the difference in my energy levels is massive (and my skin and boobs are better).

Have you had your thyroid checked?

But generally - not just you. 

I had this issue for a long time, struggled to function, just getting out of bed was a herculean task. 

I finally figured out that I was deficient in Vitamin b7, otherwise known as biotin. 

Biotin plays an absolutely vital role in the production of energy and the breakdown of glucose and lipids in the cells. Without it your body simply cannot produce any energy from the food that you eat. 

It is supposed to be a fairly rare issue, i.e it won't apply to you unless you are like me and have serious functional digestive issues. 

But the majority of biotin is created within the body by your own gut bacteria, so if for any reason your gut biome is 'off', then you may not be getting enough of it. 

My recommendation would be to try the highest level of B7 supplement you can find and see if that makes a difference, be aware that a standard 'B vitamin supplement' doesn't really focus on B7. 


I’m 52 and in peri menopause. Tiredness is not a ‘symptom’ for me. I don’t get hot flushes either so maybe I’m not typical.  At your age I was always knackered because of kids, work, life juggling etc. 

Me.  Trying to get an appointment to get checked out; query if I have a thyroid problem, weight gain is noticeable for someone who is active although not currently a gym bunny, skin awful.  But no hot flushes or night sweats but went through a period of that about 18 months ago. Early 40s. A friend has gone on HRT as a result of feeling similar and said she now feels amazing and has lost a lot of weight.

I also think it's having loads to do and not enough time to yourself

I feel pretty energetic tbh (but I am aware that I might not if I didn't get my full 8 a night)

on the other hand some people say having kids keeps you young so suppose it all depends

I recommend probiotics - they are amazing

I think I have more energy than ever but I drink far less and exercise more so I suspect it's that and not the hormones. I'm a worse sleeper if at all possible, but I don't find I need as much. Early 40s so maybe in a few years I'll be as knackered as anyone.

Nutrition affects me a lot. I feel awful if I've eaten junk and not enough greens, I can absolutely tell in energy levels.

I take garden of life raw probiotics and s boulardii from optibac (plus some others for variety)

A lot of things sold as probiotics aren't really that useful 

In my early 40's I started to feel awful.  I literally couldn't get through the day due to pure and utter exhaustion.  I used to sleep in my 4x4 at lunch in the work car park as otherwise I'd never get through the day.  I went to the dr so many times, in the end they decided I had a borderline underactive thyroid even though that didn't match my symptoms and in no way was I putting on weight.  No medication and I just carried on suffering.  Brother is a diabetic and during routine blood tests they find out he has genetic haemachromatosis.  Causes all the symtoms I had.  I was then tested and yup that's what it was.  Perhaps get them to check your ferretin levels.  10 years later I have just started HRT for my moods  - they help but god my boobs have grown (was a 32D and must be a DD or E now (and its only been 2 months).  Also it makes me really hungry so I am eating like a horse just like when I was pregnant.  Joy.

Does the gel stuff work?  'Zzette is weighing up her various options at the moment.  She's perma-tired although the thyroid condition could play a large part (as it has done for many years with up and down TSH levels)

Bloods done last summer and in rude health. Cholesterol is way lower than when I was in my 20s. 

meds I’m on is daily mega antihistamine / modern asthma preventer. 

usual supplements - floradix, omega 3, vit b 12, collagen 

blood pressure is very low - 90/60.

will give the biotin and probiotics a go, booked a docs appt (you can do it via the app now - life changing) and get all the bloods run again. 

suspect like goose, negotiating and dealing with 2 small kids 24/7 is root cause - the trope of frazzled housewife exists for a reason 

I can't work out if I'm peri or just shattered from trying to work with a small child. We've just come out of a chicken pox / wfh nightmare and I feel totally exhausted.


The low blood pressure could a side effect of the antihistamines.

I too have a tendency towards low blood pressure generally though I’m  high 90s over high 60s. 

Drs have put me on electrolyte replacements daily, this is designed to help maintain correct fluid balance,  which can impact the BP.


That may be the ‘heart’ of your problem then OB. 

I know when my BP is that low I can barely get off the sofa. 

But the Drs don’t think it requires treatment until it gets under 90 😒

Hmmmm. i am 44 and have more than enough energy. but i do notice a much more significant slump for a day or two around my period. i dont think i am peri, just aging.

i have taken AG1 for the last year or so which i think has made a difference, although reasonably hard to tell.

I'm 48. Think I am peri. Went through major check up last summer. Found heaps of problems. Those are under control/solved. Period back to normal as a result. Harrumph. Still tired a lot but that's just because of busy life and not going to bed on time. Skin dry. Night sweats sometimes, but all manageable. 

OB, raise your salt levels! If you have low blood pressure, it should benefit you. We're only advised to keep it low due to high blood pressure. So go large on the marmite perhaps.

Clove.. electrolyte replacements are better than just adding salt to the diet for that. 

though just upping the salt intake is certainly better than nothing. 

But.. speaking of peri or not.. 

Is there a blood test you can do that checks this? 

I’ve no idea if I’m consuming it - where is it found? 

Hard cheeses, tomatoes, walnuts, mushrooms, potatoes, miso, mackerel, anchovies, plus it can be used as an additive. 


But.. speaking of peri or not.. 

Is there a blood test you can do that checks this? 

Not really.  Your hormones go up and down during peri so there isn't a reliable test until you are fully in the 'pause. All female doctors I know have said don't bother with testing.

Bloods they ask you to come in and have them done during the heavy part of your period - challenging as you have to book and Ofc usually by this stage periods are wildly out of kilter.

not completely useless as a good overall screen tho. 

Interesting re msg had always assumed it was a processed additive only 

Scylla - I have awful reaction to msg - when i used to have Chinese takeaways I’d be asleep half an hour afterwards as though I’d been drugged. I also have low blood pressure.

generally I am a tired person who can be asleep within a few mins but it’s def kids that took it to a new level. Now they are 7 and 5 I feel some of my energy has been given back. I gave up alcohol for a month too and that made a huge difference - one or two glasses of wine made me so woozy.

Interesting re msg had always assumed it was a processed additive only 

Yes, there was a lot of hysteria about it from a couple of decades ago, but its amazing how often people who also happily consumed similar doses of naturally occurring MSG.  There's no clear evidence of a link between it and Chinese Food Syndrome or MSG Symptom Complex, as it became known. 

Look after your bones kids!  Despite exercise and good diet lost a lot of bone density in peri and meno. Went on HRT at 59 and bines have improved. Tried it in peri and it didn’t regulate cycle at that time.