Why do people enjoy One Day?

It's a tale of a woman literally wasting her life in the hope that an emotions lite fookboi comes around 

Yes, walking down the middle of that street in Paris doesn't seem awfully sensible.

Anyway, she has ditched that Froggie bloke and they have finally hooked up.

Can't wait for the final 2 episodes. Love a happy ending, me.

and also she's not funny or charming or especially interesting.  The whole 'falling in love at first sight' thing they were trying to pull off needs some mega chemistry to be believable.

I liked it. Those relationships that never fully blossom because of circumstances and where life has moved on are filled with 'what if' questions.

Their opportunity to answer that question finally came after travelling divergent roads and because she died the question was never resolved. 

Thought it was quite sad. 

I think Ambika Mod played her character superbly, but I’d agree that she wasn’t quite good looking enough. 

In the book you had a vision of Emma being nearly  Dex’s equal in looks, but a bit batty/unsophisticated. And of course Northern.

I didn't enjoy it 


It's written by a man and is male wish fulfilment 

Dexter is living the chad life that all men dream of and 99% can never attain. Ie being able to treat women like shyte and get away with it due to chaddiness (which is what "fookboy" means ).

He does indeed do as Clergs says, it's only at the end when he gets cucked and his star is waning that he "settles" for her and we're meant to think it's some great love story. Pure BS

Nowadays she'd stay with the Frenchman probably 

I'm liking how lordgaga interprets everything through the lens of chad versus incel. It's like a rival school to Marxist theory, race critical theory, feminist theory and post-colonialist theory. Let's give this school a name.

L'extension du Domaine de la lutte (known for some reason as Whatever in English) by Houllebecq basically already did the whole incel thing in novel form.


His summary of the situation is painfully accurate and true to life and that book is now 30 years old 

I’ve also found it difficult to get past the fact he’s way better looking than her and she didn’t make up for it in personality as she appears to have just whinged or been a bit sarcastic from the off so I can’t really get the chemistry. They sort of needed to show him being more fascinated by her even if she wasn’t his looks equal. I don’t remember reading the book and thinking she was much less attractive. 

I’ve found each episode quite difficult to watch as I’m cringing a bit in every one and find it really uncomfortable. 

ROF to gaga: "looks don't matter it's your personality ... The market for love and sechs is in no way dominated by a hot minority of men".

ROF when watching Netflix : "OMG this is so unrealistic she's not hot enough for chad ! Why's she not hotter...."


You're almost more incel than me 

I don't really get the assumption that they should have immediately fallen in love and made it work after a one night fling. They went their separate ways, leading separate lives and remained mates who hung out from time to time. 

She was a bit of a drip to take him when she had ostensibly nice French chappie, but it happened at a point he was vulnerable and available and she gambled on him. 

**** Spoilers! ****

Then died. 


I know this a sweeping generalisation Gaga, but men have good looks higher up on the list of desirable traits in a partner than do women. In that respect Dex is an outlier.

And women have a GSOH higher in their desirable trait list than do men.

That's a myth MH


If that's true how come so many men with various physical shortcomings now find it almost impossible to date while women aren't having the same issue ??


It's a preference for many men to have a better looking woman for sure but in reality it's men who get more brutally selected out on this basis than women. Stats back it up .


Anyway Emma is "TV ugly" ie still hotter than 90pc of the population but not up there with the elite of the shows world...


Any unattractive man is always gonna be in "incel face" of course 

There was no chemistry whatsoever between them at any stage of the entire series, the amorous scenes felt completely forced and unconvincing.

Sound track was banging for those of us of a certain age.

I have always said the look of the country and people has not changed hugely since the 1990s and this programme reinforced - compared to if the show had been set from the 60s through to the 80s there as not much change needed for interiors etc.

Most of my enjoyment of the book was down to it basically being a reminder of my youth.

Definitely what Guy said about the pace of change.  My mum has just found a lifestyle magazine from 2000 in a box and if it's still being published I suspect it's running the same stories again.  One headline is about women joining infidelity agencies so now you'd just substitute the word app for agency.

Guy - they have been criticised for fvcking up with the accuracy of the 'period' props and interiors (and in particular cars). They definitely don't capture the differences in fashion very well. 

Overall I agree with you the look of London (where most of it is set) in particular changed remarkably little really between 1994 and 2024 compared to 1964 to 1994.  Much less change in the basic tenets of society as well. But arguably much more change in the way people live their lives and interact with each other.

DD I agree with that, there have been huge information technology driven changes but not ones that  jump out of a screen visually compared to the changes from the late 50s through to the early 90s which in hindsight were an extraordinary period of change in terms of fashion and the physical environment we lived in.  The slower pace of change since is probably going back to the norm.

The conversations are so stilted. They have nothing in common and he doesn’t seem to fancy her. Not a credible love story. 

Reading your post, elephant, made me think of the film Past Lives (on n/f at the mo).  The exact opposite of your comment, and a wonderful film.  There are scenes where the protagonists skype each other and the chemistry between them just leaps out.  

There are scenes where the protagonists skype each other and the chemistry between them just leaps out.  

The "will they, won't they" scene at the end was masterfully done. (Maybe it's just me; maybe it's obvious to others which way it was going to go ...)

when they are waiting for his cab? Yes, it was very well done (although my take was that it was a goodbye scene where there was so much to say but they couldn't say it).  

And the way her husband was quietly panicking about the arrival of this handsome, gentle, exotic man but knowing he has to let her spend time with him and that she has feelings for him.  Great acting all round. 

Past Lives was rather good. ( i am presuming you a referring to 1Day Grumpy) The scene in the bar with the 2 men. I could feel the heartache.