Which fictional character could save the world?

Inspired by the Moscow/scud thread, which fictional character do you think could actually come in and make the world a better place if they were real? I’m struggling because my first choice - Gandalf - wouldn’t last long against a sniper.

Anyone submitting “God” gets minus points for a lack of originality.

Taylor Swift.

There's no way that someone that perfect is real. I still think she's a hologram or an AI from the future.

Tbf given the panto baddy quality of Putin’s regime 007 is probably the right answer.

Dropped in behind enemy lines to thwart a plan to plant a dirty bomb in a Ukrainian nuclear power plant. Grapples with various Wagner henchmen, boffs Mrs Putin, chucks Vlad out of a red square tower. Rescues damsel in distress. Home in time for tea and medals. 


He's already hard at work on it Jim, but I cant reveal any more. I've probably already said too much. Mr Benn is a decoy.

''After victory in World War II, Britain was a relieved but also a profoundly traumatized country. Simon Winder, born into this nation of uncertain identity, fell in love (as many before and since) with the man created as the antidote, a quintessentially British figure of great cultural significance: James Bond.''

So basically Bertha you're also nominating JIM

It’s a great book. So little writing about pop culture makes a serious case for its value. This one does. 

dunno why god is excluded.  If s/he is all s/he is cracked up to be by believers, then saving the world should be a piece of p1ss.