When will the UK become a republic?

My guess is after Charlie dies. That will be about 2040. 

I am afraid to report to HRH William there will never be a Vth. Sozzles.

The English keep trying, including cutting off its head. But the Monarchy is like a bloody hydra.

I think the youngest generation have prevented it for the foreseeable future. If it had been left to the Queen's children, God knows, probably in the next decade. 

Well, Australia will be a Republic by about 2030. Still in  the Commonwealth of course. 

Before 2030 (about 2008) except for ICBMs, the RAN surface fleet will be bigger than the Royal Navy. No aircraft carriers? Fvck you. Look around.

"Where we are going, we don't need no aircraft carriers".

Wot Wang says. Trufax. Ain't going to happen. Perceived loss of the nation's 'history', loss of tourist revenue, arguments over who/what replaces will make it unviable to change the system. The principle of if it ain't (totally) broke then don't fix it will prevail. Soz. 

Willchild and St Katherine of Middlebrow have secured its survival, assuming they can sit thru Brian’s abomination of a reign.

But I really think HMQ should be properly venerated for the foreseeable. It is most unseemly to behave otherwise. And I’m no monarchist.