What’s the dominant feature you share in common with your significant other?

Apprehension about the cost of splitting up is not what I have in mind. 

Mrs P and I are both febrile hot heads. Neither of us could have survived with someone normal. 

What will you do when he retires?

Will the fire go out?

There will be someone else, like Verstappen replaced Schumacher. There will probably still be Stroll for instance. 

Wfh today and joined a teams call at 6.30. As I logged in, my kid (doing homework nearby) said "dad, did you you fart?". 

Thankfully it was still joining so no-one heard. Call finishing up at 7.15 and the big4 partner had an AOB - "to check, did Jelly fart or not?". 


Mutual hatred of most other people and desperate desire not to be our parents. Plus Non PC jokes and good red wine.

Sounds pretty healthy. 

Total tolerance of, and respect for, all races, cultures and people.

Except Oracle, who can fook off, and when he gets there, fook off some more.