what shares would u buy right now?

given the presumable reception incoming


Funeral directors

house clearance companies

crematorium oven manufacturers

companies that deal with insolvency/‘restructuring’


Heh. Michael Burry sold all his positions a few months ago, and then invested in private prisons. Sounds about right.

Just simple low cost trackers 

Same as always 

Stock picking is for mugs and gamblers

Only ever hear about the wins don't you?

companies that do cheap stuff and companies that do luxury stuff - avoid anything to do with the middle market.

Been topping up on my gold E&Ps.  AAU, BMV, KEFI and even CEY looks like it's coming back. Almost in the money on that one now after a few years.  Outside of gold, OPTI, SBTX, JLP and BATM.

Go short on chintzy ornaments, back issues of Reader’s Digest and brown furniture, absolute glut of that on the way


They need a total clear-out of management and a total pipeline overhaul of their strategy.  Check out their RNSs, maybe just post-Haleon spinout and you will see a string of R&D failures.  Their pipeline is moribund and their oncology efforts are woeful.


No clue. I just like their work and they seem undervalued at the mo but I've given this 5 mins thought.

Buy shares in businesses that are established and dominant, especially in the US. That’s all you need to do.