What has been your single biggest waste of money?

pic n mix

there's bankers perma coked off their nut who spend less on marching powder than I do on pic n mix

I go in with a roll of bin bags then sit in a bath full of the stuff binging netflix as gummies slowly congeal around me

monday morning I can't look at myself in the mirror but come friday, I'm getting shakes and need my sugar  

Went to an 'affordable' art fair last year and bought a piece for 6k. I like it and it has pride of place in my kitchen but there are so many better things I could have spent my money on. Should have bought a print instead.

Tom Ford Oud parfum sold to me by an incredibly attractive lady at the airport which I left in my hotel room after only a couple of squirts.  $ per squirt actually used ratio would be obscene 

speaking of gambling... yesterday I was in a bad mood so bought 2 tickets to a raffle for £8 and won a guitar worth £2.5k....

My biggest waste of money was spending a grand 20 years ago on a guitar which I still have but rarely play.  It was one of those where you buy the brand rather than the functionality

I bought a pair of kittens from someone I was working with on secondment. Turns out they swarming with fleas and she refused to take them back or give me a refund. 

A caterham 7.

I drove a 620S at a track day experience and it very nearly melted my fvcking face off.  Later got taught how to do figures of 8 in it.  Christ if I had a spare £40k and a wife who wouldn't overrule it I'd be having one of those.

It's not really a waste of money as it is necessary, but in terms of the money/pleasure ratio, childcare has to be up there.  I reckon we are at £200k with a bit to go yet.  

Cars are pretty daft for the amount they depreciate.  The 350z I had was a money pit.

Expensive skincare has probably been a waste.  Cheapo brands are much the same in less flash packaging.


Nexis my mate had a 350Z until it finally got him a driving ban.  Figured it would look better if he turned up at court having traded it in for a car that couldn't do 100mph ever.

heh, I knew a company director years ago that persuaded the company that he really really needed a TVR for his work.  He managed to write it off the day it was delivered (stuck it into a ditch at very high speed)

Brand name clothes.  Absolutely crazy what I used to spend on a suit / suits. M&S all the way these days.

And my wife's peloton, which I have promised to never bring up...

Peletons are absolute crap.  So many better options which are much more addictive.

Spending 3k on a bespoke suit is money very very well spent imo...completely different look to M&S.

Tuition fees for LLM, GDL, Bar (filed the last one!) as update on old LPC.

Total waste and just a massive pile of debt. Can't even afford to declare bankruptcy. I am on the cusp of running all of my original certs through the shredder.

There are fooking plebs in this country who can barely write their names in the dirt but are getting by nicely.

Anyway, I don't care about money any more. I do trust ready cash, though, so will start building a going away fund of several £K in case it all goes to shit so can pack up and disappear, or try to, like Robert de  Niro's character in Heat.

A fresh start under a new name.

911. I really ought to sell it. I veer wildly between loving it and thinking I am an absolute idiot for buying it/being embarrassed by it. Luckily there is a massive waiting list for new ones here so  it has held its value (which is the other reason I should sell it)  

On the subject of 911s there was a thing a while ago that west coast late 60s were great buys, well preserved. LHD obvs but that’s never deterred some of us. Views?

I remember sellotaping over the holes in Silk Cut blue (I think they were blue - the wimpiest ones). I must have spaffed thousands on Silk Cut, Marlboros, Sovereign, Benson & Hedges, Regal and a bunch of more exotic-sounding forrin ones. Good times.

Ok. Just for some perspective. 

That right there is about $35k.. now I’m not saying that’s what it’s worth. I’m just saying that’s how much I spent to create it. 

And I can’t even ride it for another 3 or 4 years.

And I have 3 of them. 

And that figure doesn’t include any of the fencing ($100k +) Arena ($30k), tack (5 k for a saddle etc) or the $600 a month I spend feeding them. 

Or the farrier, or the vets, or the saddle fitter. 


Got to be cigarettes back in my smoking days, followed by rounds in the after work pub. 

Cigarettes are just a complete waste of money and the booze money would have been better spent with friends. 

An old Porsche 911.  Was bad enough until i had the bright idea of "improving" it.  Almost no end to how much loot you can shovel into one.  Still love it though, but that sunny afternoon song by the Kinks keeps playing in my head