What did Mr Schofield do to Mr Holmes?

Not sure why the vitriol from Eamon but admit I might just be hugely ignorant. Strikes me EH is fast becoming the Prince Harry of Morning Telly.

He seems like such a nasty, vindictive, envious troll of a man.  He keeps banging on about betrayal, and trying to give the impression that his anger comes from a place of hurt, but he seems so gleeful about it all, not just the chance to fvck over Schofield, but to unleash all the resentment he has, apparently, been storing towards Willoughby for the last several years.  Despite his protestations that this is all about "the young man", he is obviously revelling in the fact that the show's golden children are caught in this sh1tstorm.

And what the fvck has he done to his face?  He looks as if someone blew up a balloon until it was close to bursting, and then painted a face on it.